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    Your dream for a strong hair 15 December 2012

    Long and healthy hair... at any given point of time, this hair type is 'in'... but, not everyone are lucky to have a long and strong hair... well, nothing is impossible either... though growing a long hair is not a...

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    Clarifying Shampoo, , stylish hair for women, Dry hair

    Stylish Hair for Women 24 July 2012

    No doubt spilt ends are a curse for your healthy hair growth and after a stage the hair growth would be stagnant because of splits... other than chopping our hair off, let's try to know other ways to treat these...

    Keywords: , Do not cut your hair, Clarifying Shampoo, oily hair

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    Bengaluru woman dry hair died, Woman dry hair died Bengaluru, woman drying hair on 8th floor falls to death, Dry hair

    Woman drying hair on 8th floor falls to death 28 April 2016

    A 26-year-old woman in Bengaluru, accidentally slipped from the 8th floor and lost her life, falling on the ground.Chandana Nagesh, the deceased was a software engineer with Infosys. She was on her maternity leave and has delivered a baby boy,...

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    Beautiful Hair, tips for Hair style, add color to your dry hair, Dry hair

    Add color to your ‘Dry’ Hair! 17 January 2012

    Just like the more colors the more happiness in your life, similarly, the more healthy and beautiful hair, the more beauty it would add on to your look… On the other hand, what good would that dry and dull hair...

    Keywords: Refresh dry hair., Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Hair, frizzy hair

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    beautiful hair, stylish hair, dry hair problems find a path to fix it, Dry hair

    ‘Dry’ hair Problems? Find a path to fix it… 17 February 2012

    Just like life without spice and color is hard to survive, so as dry and life less hair, that is a hurdle to your beauty. To transform your hair to beautiful and add some life to it, here are the...

    Keywords: stylish hair, stylish hair, Dry hair problems, tips for hairstyles

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    Home remedies for dry hair, Home remedies for dry hair, home remedies for dry hair, Dry hair

    Home remedies for dry hair 02 October 2012

    We can do a lot to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle during winter season. Read onIt is a fact that hair becomes dry during the winter season. While we cannot escape the seasonal vagaries, we can do a...

    Keywords: winter season, Home remedies for dry hair, ,

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    hair beauty, facial skin, replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses, Dry hair

    Replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses 10 January 2014

    Like your facial skin, even your scalp needs winter TLC. Slathering conditioner post rinse and loading up on leave-in conditioner and serums aren't just enough. Care has to start from the root and from the very beginning of the process....

    Keywords: hair, hair rinse, hair beauty, tips for hair care

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    sesame oil, sesame oil, add life in your hair, Dry hair

    Add life in your Hair... 06 November 2012

    Taking care of hair that is naturally dry can be quite a task. And what with the unruly frizz that tends to always be a companion of dry hair, not to mention the dull, lifeless look it gives your locks,...

    Keywords: hair care tips, sesame oil, almond oil, shampooing your hair

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    hair fall control, tips for hair style, 20 home remedies for your hair, Dry hair

    20 home remedies for your hair 26 November 2012

    You cannot rush to a spa, beauty salon, or trichoilogist to fix recurring bad hair days every single day. Instead, your kitchen is full of ingredients that will make your tresses silky smooth, strong and beautiful. The bonus: Unlike professional...

    Keywords: tips for hair style, tips for hair style, women hair styles, hair fall control

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