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    Cash Crunch Turning Another Financial Emergency? 18 April 2018

    Cash Crunch Turning Another Financial Emergency?:- After several ups and downs, the country has been facing the currency heat once again after ATMs across the country turned dry. Now the latest update says that the cash crunch would hit an...

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    RBI new, RBI new, rbi in huddle after cash shortage hits the country, Currency crisis

    RBI In Huddle After Cash Shortage Hits The Country 17 April 2018

    RBI In Huddle After Cash Shortage Hits The Country:- Right after the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization, the currency crisis in the country reached all time high. The crisis of currency seems not to be ending after a...

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    All India Bank Employess Union (AIBEA), Currency crisis, currency crisis bank unions call for agitation, Currency crisis

    Currency Crisis: Bank Unions call for Agitation 20 December 2016

    After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced currency demonetization, the whole country has been left in deep financial crisis. Commonman has been struggling for money and they have been getting nothing after standing for hours in queues. All India Bank Employess...

    Keywords: Bank Unions, Bank Unions news, Bank Unions news, All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOA)

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    Currency crisis, Rs 2000 notes news, rs 2000 notes circulation to be reduced, Currency crisis

    Rs 2000 Notes Circulation To Be Reduced 04 January 2019

    Rs 2000 Notes Circulation To Be Reduced:- The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to stop printing Rs 2000 notes to reduce their circulation in the country however they will remain valid. The cut in the circulation doesn't mean that...

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    demonetisation, Chandra Babu Naidu news, cbn now breaking his head due to demonetisation, Currency crisis

    CBN now breaking his head due to Demonetisation 21 December 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to ban the big notes to curb the corruption. After Modi surprised everyone with demonetisaion, it was Chandra Babu who supported Modi and...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, Currency crisis, Chandra Babu Naidu updates, Chandra Babu Naidu updates

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