• Anantapur district, Anantapur district, aadhar card issued under the name coriander, Coriander

    Aadhar card issued under the name Coriander 12 April 2012

    Aadhar Card that the government introduced with much excitement seemed turned unsuccessful only due to reckless attitude of the issuing authorities, who were not only delaying the issue of cards but are resorting to blunders.  Recently an Aadhar Card was...

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    coriander leaves, strawberry, wow your guests with a holiday cocktail, Coriander

    Wow your guests with a holiday cocktail 20 December 2013

    This is a time - time to make the most of the holiday season. For all those who love to entertain and wow guests at home, here is a cocktail recipe that offer a tasty mix of flavors with the...

    Keywords: strawberry, alcohol, strawberry and coriander martini, holiday cocktail

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    Coriander, Coriander, spice board to establish spice park in ap, Coriander

    Spice Board to establish Spice Park in AP 09 April 2012

    Rs. 75 crores are already invested in three completed spices parks in Chhihdwara in MP, Puttady in Kerela and in Jodhpur. The other parks will be completed during the year in states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and...

    Keywords: Spice Board of India, Andhra Pradesh, Raw Material Warehouses, Andhra Pradesh

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    Fenugreek, Coriander, fennel fenugreek and coriander healthy and tasty, Coriander

    Fennel, Fenugreek and Coriander, healthy and tasty 17 June 2015

    Fennel, Fenugreek and Coriander are very common in the Indian kitchen. The vast variety of culinary in the Indian Kitchen boasts of the ingredients used. The spices used are having medicinal effects. Many of the combinations of curries, help to...

    Keywords: Fennel, Masala, Indian kitchen, Coriander

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    grinder, with steamed rice, carrot butter with steamed rice, Coriander

    Carrot butter with steamed rice 29 August 2012

    We often wonder what else to do with vegetables aside from tossing them into a salad or braising them. The dilemma deepens when the vegetable is none other than the humble carrot, because unlike with tomatoes, broccoli and spinach we...

    Keywords: Coriander, , Keep stirring till the oil, Carrot butter

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