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  • Computers can make you fat, Computers, computers can make you fat, Computer games

    Computers can make you fat 15 July 2010

    Computers can make you fat - and not just from lack of exercise.Research shows that staring at a computer screen makes us work up an appetite for sweet treats like chocolate cake and biscuits. It is thought that the mental...

    Keywords: Obesity, Computer games and TV, lack of exercise, lack of exercise

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    ways to get relief from unwanted memories, tips to overcome stress, video games can ease troubling memories finds study, Computer games

    Video games can ease troubling memories, finds study 04 July 2015

    If you are depressed or suffering from troubling memories, scientists suggest playing video games to get ease from that stress. To prove this, the researchers conducted two experiments. They examined the participants by allowing them to view films that contained...

    Keywords: Playing video games linked to troubling memories, how to reduce stress, Video games can help reduce unwanted memories, tips to overcome stress

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