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    Shocking result after 1 hour of consuming Coke 31 July 2015

    Have you ever imagined that a can of coca cola can bring very drastic changes in your body, that too in just one hour of consuming it. Also read: Shame on Indian media!Eager to know what it does? Here’s the...

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    Coca-Cola and Pepsi up prices ahead of summer 25 March 2013

    Cola drink manufacturers, Coca Cola and PepsiCo have started new strategies of increasing the prices of the carbonated water just before summer to rake up maximum profits in the season where the sales are highest. They have also come up...

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    IPL 2020 news, Coca Cola advertising, coca cola likely to stay away from ipl 2020, Coca cola

    Coca Cola Likely To Stay Away From IPL 2020 27 June 2020

    Coca Cola Likely To Stay Away From IPL 2020:- With the coronavirus pandemic, IPL 2020 has been delayed. BCCI is in plans to conduct the event at any cost starting from September or October this year. IPL 2020 is likely...

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    Botello de Hielo lets you chill! 12 July 2013

    Coca Cola's innovative launch of a new bottle is made completely of ice presently has it's availability only in Colombia. Furthermore, the design has been marketed as eco friendly since it melts down subsequent to the coke's consumption something that...

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