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  • silver rates, gold rates, after 2 months gold rate rises again, Bullion market

    After 2 months, Gold rate rises again 24 August 2015

    Climbing to Rs 27,180, after two months, gold rate is increased by Rs.480, at the bullion market on Friday.      Along with gold, even silver rate is also increased by Rs.200, thus showing the figure of Rs.36500 per kg. Due to...

    Keywords: silver rates, gold rates, silver rates, bullion market

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    gold price for the week, gold price for the week, gold prices cheaper than 15 months ago, Bullion market

    Gold prices cheaper than 15 months ago 15 April 2013

    Gold Prices today hit a new low falling Rs 1,250 per 10 grams in one day on Saturday. After further fall The 2.95% fall has resulted in the price of Rs 27,100 reaching a figure that gold was associated 15...

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    gold price price in delhi, gold price in mumbai, gold and silver down by rs 200 and rs 965, Bullion market

    Gold and Silver down by Rs 200 and Rs 965 06 December 2012

    After back to back losses in two sessions, gold prices drooped slightly by Rs 200 as the price ended at Rs 31,680/10g on Wednesday. The poor demand and the losses overnight in the global markets contributed to a lowered gold...

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    demand for gold, yellow metal, gold reaches new peaks, Bullion market

    Gold reaches new peaks 05 August 2011

    With the stock markets plummeting amid reports of another recession hitting the US economy, gold touched a new peak today in the metals’ market in India.  Riding high with increasing investments, the yellow metal touched the peak at Rs 24,350...

    Keywords: gold rates in India, yellow metal, gold rates in India, demand for gold

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