• International Consumer Exhibition-India’s biggest consumer expo 2010, ‘ICE Mega Expo 2010’, top brands under one dome, Brands

    Top Brands under one Dome 28 October 2010

    ‘ICE Mega Expo 2010’ organized by the International Consumer Exhibition-India’s biggest consumer expo of truly international standard was formally inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for Tourism& I&PR, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. J Geeta Reddy at Nizam College Grounds. This...

    Keywords: Hon’ble Minister for Tourism& I&PR, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. J Geeta Reddy at Nizam College Grounds, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism& I&PR

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    cricket, cricket, major brands join hands with daredevils, Brands

    Major brands join hands with Daredevils 24 March 2009

    New Delhi: Delhi Daredevils seemed to have found a way out of the economic meltdown as the Indian Premier League

    Keywords: sports, sports, sports, sports

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    International Trade and World Market, lifesaving medicines, india s supreme court to hear dispute on drug patents, Brands

    India’s Supreme Court to Hear Dispute on Drug Patents 07 March 2012

    India — While China was becoming the world’s shop floor, India took its place as the world’s pharmacy, and in recent decades has been the largest provider of cheap, lifesaving medicines in poor countries across the globe. But most of...

    Keywords: Generic Brands and Products, Gleevec, Generic Brands and Products, Patents

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    Volkswagen, Airtel, icici airtel amongst top 100 global brands, Brands

    ICICI & Airtel amongst top 100 global brands 23 May 2012

    The brand equity database, Brandz has released its seventh annual list of top 100 most valuable global brands in 2012. Two companies from India have managed to secure the place in top 100 best brands in the country. They are...

    Keywords: Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2012, Brandz, Brandz, Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2012

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    China fakes Indian brands, MAde in India faked by China, 5 billion worth of indian made products faked by china, Brands

    $5 Billion worth of Indian made Products faked by China 03 January 2012

    Chinese manufacturers are increasingly "faking" popular Indian products of consumer goods giants such as Dabur and ITC, undermining the legitimacy of brands and causing A recent survey from the US has come out with the finding that worldwide 10 per...

    Keywords: $5 billion loss with Chinese faked Dabur, ITC cigarettes faked by China, Chinese fakes Made in India Tag, Chinese fakes Made in India Tag

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    Thanks Tata, Tata rebrands world's cheapest car, tata rebrands world s cheapest car, Brands

    Tata rebrands world's cheapest car 22 August 2013

    Indian top vehicle manufacturer Tata Motors expresses that it plans to undergo act of replacement the Nano as a smart city car subsequent to its marketing pitch as the world's cheapest auto resulted in disappointing sales.  The Nano was launched...

    Keywords: Tata Motors, Tata rebrands world's cheapest car, Tata rebrands world's cheapest car, smart city car.

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    , fashion, fashion fiesta in hyderabad, Brands

    Fashion fiesta in Hyderabad 07 November 2012

    Hyderabad is all set to be the new fashion destination in the country. The pearl city has attracted top designers to come and showcase their creation in a manner which really resemble the regal attitude of the city from the...

    Keywords: tarun tahiliani, sabyasachi mukherjee, fashion, fashion

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    lifestyle, brands, top 7 lipstick brands, Brands

    Top 7 Lipstick Brands 29 September 2016

    Most of us can say that our very first cosmetic product was the much loved lipstick. We love our lipsticks so much that the color is what defines our daily mood. Since it holds so much importance in our lives,...

    Keywords: lifestyle, lifestyle, makeup, lifestyle

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    good deal and save money, replica designer clothing, how to save money buying designer clothing, Brands

    How To Save Money – Buying Designer Clothing 25 January 2012

    Everyone loves to wear designer clothing and enhance their personality but famous brands like D&G clothing, Versace, Prada clothing, Gucci clothing’s etc. which are very costly as their range starts from hundreds to thousands of dollars. With this kind of...

    Keywords: purchase designer clothing, Designer clothing, fashion trends, fashion trends

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    Make up, Make up, top 7 international makeup brands, Brands

    Top 7 international Makeup Brands 07 September 2016

    Makeup products are the need of both girl and women because without them one can not suffer in this modern age. There are various best makeup brands that are working for the fashion industry of this world. They make their products...

    Keywords: brands, Make up, brands, International

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    leading fashion streets, top fashion streets, world s leading shopping streets, Brands

    "World's Leading Shopping Streets" 30 January 2013

    I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist! Tamara Faye Bakker (an American Christian singer, evangelist, entrepreneur, author, talk show host, and television personality) Fifth Avenue The section of Fifth Avenue that crosses Midtown Manhattan, especially that between 49th...

    Keywords: leading shopping streets, world famous brands, leading fashion streets, luxury shopping

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    Safe Sex campaign, Amala, stars for a cause, Brands

    Stars for a cause 25 June 2012

    Stars coming up as brand ambassadors for private commercial brands is something which we see every second day. But, stars stepping forward for a special cause as brand ambassadors and suddenly you spot them in a hoarding, which for sure...

    Keywords: National Aids Control Organization, Siddarth, National Aids Control Organization, commercial brands

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    international brands in India, Juke box media, feel royal visit indian luxury expo 2012, Brands

    Feel Royal, visit Indian Luxury Expo 2012! 01 December 2012

    Feeling like a royal prince and yearning for undivided attention in Page 3 parties then you must be heading for the Indian Luxury expo held in the city. This event is brought to you by Juke Box Media and will...

    Keywords: Indian Luxury Expo, Indian Luxury Expo, luxury brands under one roof, international brands in India

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    Indian conditions, Vespa LX125, piaggio vespa lx125 automatic scooter hits indian roads, Brands

    Piaggio Vespa LX125 automatic scooter hits Indian roads 26 April 2012

    April 26th, 2012, is the day when Piaggio India launches the first lifestyle scooter in India, the Vespa LX125 automatic scooter. The pricing of the 2012 Vespa LX125 will be announced later, after which bookings will begin. Deliveries of the...

    Keywords: premium brands, Vespa LX125, Indian conditions, cut throat

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    Pepsi, Dhoni, virat aggressive on field charming on screen, Brands

    Virat - aggressive on field, charming on screen 30 September 2013

    Virat Kohli's aggressive ways on the field have translated into charming appearances on TV screens with a bunch of endorsements. His photogenic looks are now the face of many top global brands, making him one of the highest paid cricketers...

    Keywords: Virat Kohli endorsements, Virat Kohli brands, Virat Kholi earnings, Virat Kohli

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    lipstick, lipstick brands, choosing a lip color, Brands

    Choosing a lip color 17 February 2012

    N number of brands, n number of colors that we can choose among, in short the ideology of choosing a lip color has been increased to the core. But, even today, choosing a lip color that is suitable to our...

    Keywords: lipstick brands, lipstick colors, choosing lipstick, beauty of your lips

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    Lifestyle, fashion store, lifestyle challenges the competition, Brands

    Lifestyle challenges the competition! 16 February 2013

    Leading retailer Lifestyle is completely prepared for meeting the competition that foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail is expected to blaze with a combination of strategies it pursues, including localisation of the product. According to Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd. (India)...

    Keywords: global brands, foreign brands in india, global brands, foreign brands in india

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