• cloud storage, Mobile apps, it engineers should take innovations to next level modi, Apps

    IT engineers should take innovations to next level - Modi 02 March 2015

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at a Nasscom event in the capital urged young IT engineers to take innovation to the next level. Cyber security, mobile apps and cloud storage were buzz words in Prime Minister’s speech. "You are doing...

    Keywords: cyber security, Mobile apps, cloud storage, cyber security

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    New app can detect your depression, smart phone can detect your depression, smart phone can detect your depression, Apps

    Smart phone can detect your depression 16 July 2015

    A new app was invented by the researchers from Northwestern University to detect your depression. For the study, the research team recruited 40 adult participants through a Craigslist posting. The Purple Robot, a sensor data acquisition app was installed on...

    Keywords: smart phone can detect your depression, smart phone can detect your depression, mobile applications, New app can detect your depression

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    Travel Ideas, Travel Ideas, the five best travel apps that can save your money, Apps

    The Five Best Travel Apps That Can Save Your Money 18 September 2017

    The Five Best Travel Apps That Can Save Your Money:- Vacations are awesome; they make you happier and open your mind up to new experiences and people. But they can also be less than awesome sometimes, and a big reason...

    Keywords: Travel Apps That Can Save Your Money, Vacation Ideas, Travel Ideas, Travel Apps That Can Save Your Money

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    Facebook, Facebook news, facebook builds a face recognition app for employees, Apps

    Facebook Builds a Face Recognition App for Employees 23 November 2019

    Facebook Builds a Face Recognition App for Employees:- Facebook has been facing several allegations on security concerns. The social media giant now announced that it built an internal application that allows employees to identify their colleagues and friends who all...

    Keywords: Facebook news, Facebook latest, Facebook, Facebook latest news

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    TRAI, Viber, trai may regulate im apps, Apps

    TRAI may regulate IM apps 28 March 2015

    TRAI, the telecom regulatory of India is in the process to prepare a regulatory framework for VoIP and IM applications. Services such as WhatsApp, Skype and Viber amongst others which are very popular in the country could end up paying...

    Keywords: Telecom service providers, TRAI, Whatsapp, Viber

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    Chalo Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, chalo vijayawada campaign on july 3, Apps

    Chalo Vijayawada Campaign on July 3 25 June 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Public Sector Employees Federation (APPSEF) called for Chalo Vijayawada campaign on July 3, to press for scrapping of a government order 112.  The GO in question makes the APPSEF employees ineligible to retire at 60 on par with...

    Keywords: Chalo Vijayawada, Telangana, Telangana, Chalo Vijayawada

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    WhatsApp new, WhatsApp next, most awaited feature now available on whatsapp update, Apps

    Most Awaited Feature Now Available On WhatsApp Update 26 October 2018

    Most Awaited Feature Now Available On WhatsApp Update:- Right after facebook acquired WhatsApp, several features are being updated. Now the most awaited Stickers feature is available for Android and iOS users along with web users. It is said to be...

    Keywords: WhatsApp, WhatsApp new, WhatsApp stickers, WhatsApp next

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    Cyanogen, Android, take that google microsoft apps will be bundled on cyanogen s android phones, Apps

    Take that, Google: Microsoft apps will be bundled on Cyanogen's Android phones 18 April 2015

    The two companies have struck a deal to integrate popular Microsoft apps into Cyanogen Operating System, which now comes preloaded on phones like the OnePlus One after rising from CyanogenMod, one of the most popular alternative Android ROMs around. The...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Cyanogen, Android, Android

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    apps, smartphone, men rely more on women than smartphones, Apps

    Men rely more on women than smartphones 23 November 2013

    Do you feel like your husband/boyfriend's personal assistant at times? Fret not. You aren't the only one. It's found that men count on their partners, not just to cook and clean for them, but maintain their social calendars as well....

    Keywords: smartphone, Men rely more on women than smartphones, Men rely more on women than smartphones, apps

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    Payment systems, Facebook, send money through facebook, Apps

    Send money through Facebook 18 March 2015

    Facebook's Messenger app will soon help you to send money to your friends, the latest in the field of services aimed at an increasingly wireless and cashless generation. Facebook's entry to this field is announced on March 17, is free...

    Keywords: Send money, Payment systems, Payment systems, Messenger

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    how to detect macular eye disease, new mobile apps to detect eye disease, new app to detect eye diseases early, Apps

    New app to detect eye diseases early 07 July 2015

    A team from the Medical and Surgical Centre for Retina in Mexico have developed an application that can detect eye diseases like diabetic macular edema. It occurs when fluid and protein deposits collect on or under the macula of the...

    Keywords: A new app to detect eye abnormalities, simple way to detect macular edema, new mobile apps to detect eye disease, simple way to detect macular edema

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    Wharton School, IIT, sundar pichai climbs in google, Apps

    Sundar Pichai climbs in Google 27 October 2014

    India-born Sundar Pichai who is already in-charge of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, was made the chief of core Google products which include search and maps. According to the Recode magazine, Sundar's promotion would ease pressure on Google' CEO Larry...

    Keywords: Sundar Pichai, Chrome, IIT, Sundar Pichai

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    TPSC, Telangana government, governor nods for tpsc, Apps

    Governor nods for TPSC 08 August 2014

    A good news for all the unemployed young in the Telangana state as Governor Narasimhan has given his approval to constitute Telangana Public Service Commission [TPSC]. On July 16th the Telangana cabinet gave nod for setting up of TPSC and...

    Keywords: Telangana Public Service commission, Telangana Public Service commission, Telangana government, Governor Narasimhan

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    Microsoft India, technology, ms windows phone offers safety app for women, Apps

    MS Windows phone offers safety app for women 27 December 2013

    Microsoft India has launched a safety application for women on its mobile operating system Windows Phone. Its unique feature titled Guardian will enable authorised users to keep track of the  the phone user in real time via Bing Maps of...

    Keywords: safety app, MS Windows phone, Microsoft, Microsoft's safety application for women

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    chat apps, Science News, whatsapp tops chat app, Apps

    Whatsapp tops chat app 08 January 2014

    Whatsapp has emerged the top among apps used by Indians, as the app is virtually used by every second mobile phone user in 2013. According to a recent survey on use of smartphone in India by Informate Mobile Intelligence, almost...

    Keywords: Whatsapp, Whatsapp tops chat app, Whatsapp tops chat app, Technology News

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    download, Jio App, jio apps are the most downloaded on google play, Apps

    Jio Apps Are the Most Downloaded on Google Play 08 September 2016

    After taking the competition in India’s telecom space to a new level by offering free voice calls cheap data costs, Reliance Jio apps have now beaten mobile messaging service WhatsApp and social networking website Facebook on Google Play. Of the...

    Keywords: Jio App, Whatsapp, Technology, download

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    India, download, how can you download pokemon go in india, Apps

    How can you Download Pokemon Go in India? 13 July 2016

    Now a days everyone is talking about only one Pokemon Go game. People are only talking about where they have caught their monsters. The game has been launched only in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Though the Pokemon Go...

    Keywords: download, Third Party Apps, Third Party Apps, Pokemon Go game

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    Mumbai news, India news, mumbai police challenge language barriers, Apps

    Mumbai police challenge language barriers 23 February 2016

    Mumbai police, who are masters in dealing the huge mysterious cases, are finding tough to deal with the English language. Lower-rung officers of the Mumbai police have taken to mobile apps, dictionaries, translation websites, as well as help from journalists,...

    Keywords: Mumbai police mobile apps English, Mumbai police mobile apps English, Mumbai police, India news

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    WhatsApp android feature, WhatsApp latest version, whatsapp voice calling is finally available without any invitation, Apps

    WhatsApp Voice calling is finally available without any invitation 01 April 2015

    WhatsApp voice calling feature has been recently released by the company. But due to its limitations some users have faced problems to use the service. Today, with the upgrade of the latest WhatsApp application, users need to no longer wait...

    Keywords: WhatsApp calling feature download, Google play, WhatsApp latest version, WhatsApp App for iOS users

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    Safety Apps For Women, Technology, the best safety apps for women, Apps

    The Best Safety Apps For Women 30 August 2017

    The safety of women has become the utmost priority of the Indian government considering the increasing cases of crime against women. Rapes, molestation, eve-teasing or kidnapping – these heinous crimes are now carried out in broad daylight which has dampened...

    Keywords: Safety Apps For Women, Technology, Safety Apps For Women, Crime Against Women

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