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  • Ayurveda significance, Ayurveda antibiotics, doctors substitute ayurveda for antibiotics, Antibiotics

    Doctors substitute Ayurveda for antibiotics 04 May 2016

    An 83 year old man was treated with the ayurvedic drugs in place of antibiotics, during a prostatic surgery, at a hospital in Meerut, UP.Antibiotics are generally used before, during and after the surgery, to prevent urinary tract infection and...

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    Garlic Ingredient, Guillain Barre syndrome, ingredient in garlic 100 times effective than antibiotics, Antibiotics

    Ingredient in garlic 100 times effective than antibiotics 02 May 2012

    A discovery published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy has stated that garlic is 100 times effective than a couple of antibiotics. The key ingredient found in garlic will fight food poisoning.  The compound name Diallyl Suphide that’s found in...

    Keywords: Campylobacter, Campylobacter, Washington State University, Galic

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    Ramani, Expired medicines, 12 children fall ill after administering expired medicines, Antibiotics

    12 Children Fall Ill After Administering Expired Medicines 27 March 2017

    The state-run hospital, Gandhi General Hospital, has again been into the hall of shame, after 12 children were allegedly injected with expired antibiotics. This incident, triggered the temporary loss of motor skills, among the children. A mother of an aggrieved...

    Keywords: Children injections, Ramani, antibiotics, Ramani

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    antibiotics effect on kids, use of antibiotics linked to illness while adults, antibiotic use in infants linked to illness in adulthood, Antibiotics

    Antibiotic use in infants linked to illness in adulthood 15 May 2015

    Antibiotics are a type of antimicrobials used to treat and prevent bacterial infection. But use of antibiotics in infants can lead to changes in the gut bacteria and make them vulnerable to infectious diseases, allergies and other autoimmune disorders, and...

    Keywords: antibiotics effect on kids, use of antibiotics linked to illness while adults, kids are effected by antibiotics, kids are effected by antibiotics

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    how antibiotics affects kids, how antibiotics affects kids, multiple courses of antibiotics makes babies fat, Antibiotics

    Multiple courses of antibiotics makes babies fat 06 July 2015

    Do you know that antibiotics use have significant impact on child development? It was revealed by a study performed by the researchers from NYU School of Medicine. For the study, the mice were given three short courses of amoxicillin (a...

    Keywords: how antibiotics affects kids, Common antibiotics use makes kids obese, side effects of antibiotics on kids, Antibiotics makes kids obese

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