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  • Special Investigation Team latest, Akun Sabharwal, sit left puzzled about their next move, Akun sabharwal

    SIT Left Puzzled About Their Next Move 07 August 2017

    SIT Left Puzzled About Their Next Move:- The Special Investigation Team (SIT) made sure that they have locked all the drug peddlers in Hyderabad because of which thousands of students and youth got addicted to drugs. They have been drilled...

    Keywords: SIT officials, Special Investigation Team latest, Special Investigation Team updates, Special Investigation Team latest

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    K Chandrasekhar Rao, Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal, drug scandal charge sheet to be filed against t wood celebs soon, Akun sabharwal

    Drug Scandal: Charge Sheet To Be Filed Against T’wood Celebs Soon? 02 November 2017

    Drug Scandal: Charge Sheet To Be Filed Against T’wood Celebs Soon?:- The Special Investigation Team of Telangana Excise and Prohibition Enforcement is ready to file charge sheets against the Tollywood celebrities, who were earlier questioned by the team in the...

    Keywords: Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal, SIT, Tollywood Celebrities, Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal

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    Ram Gopal Varma Drugs Case, Drugs, petition filed against rgv for his comments on sit, Akun sabharwal

    Petition Filed Against RGV For His Comments On SIT 26 July 2017

    Petition Filed Against RGV For His Comments On SIT:- A petition against the director Ram Gopal Varma has been filed in the Ranga Reddy District Court for his comments on the Special Investigation team (SIT), which is investigating the sensational...

    Keywords: RGV Comments On SIT, Akun Sabharwal, Drugs, Akun Sabharwal

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    Special Investigation Team news, SIT updates, no more focus on tollywood says sit, Akun sabharwal

    No more focus on Tollywood says SIT 14 August 2017

    No more focus on Tollywood says SIT: The Special Investigation Team has been left in deep shock after the consumption of drugs came to a huge level in Hyderabad. It is then, the Telangana government took things seriously and investigated...

    Keywords: SIT updates, Hyderabad drug mafia, Special Investigation Team news, SIT news

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    SIT, Mike Kaminga from Netherlands, one more key accused arrested in drug mafia, Akun sabharwal

    One More Key Accused Arrested In Drug Mafia 26 July 2017

    One More Key Accused Arrested In Drug Mafia:- Enforcement director Akun Sabharwal along with his team have been hunting for the drug peddlers after they caught various various key accused in the drug racket. Calvin who has been the key...

    Keywords: drug mafia, Hyderabad drugs, tollywood drugs, SIT

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    Drug Abuse, Akun Sabharwal, no more interrogations of film personalities in drug scandal akun sabarwal, Akun sabharwal

    No More Interrogations Of Film Personalities In Drug Scandal : Akun Sabarwal 12 August 2017

    No More Interrogations Of Film Personalities In Drug Scandal : Akun Sabarwal:- Akun Sabharwal, the Excise and Enforcement Director who is probing the huge drug scandal, made some fresh statements on the case. He said that “there would be no...

    Keywords: Drugs Case, Akun Sabharwal, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad

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    Telangana news, SIT, akun sabharwal attacks back, Akun sabharwal

    Akun Sabharwal Attacks Back 24 July 2017

    Akun Sabharwal Attacks Back:- Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been investigating on the drugs issue that took the major lead in the news across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Enforcement director Akun Sabharwal is leading the team and his teams managed...

    Keywords: Akun Sabarwal, SIT, Akun Sabarwal, drug mafia new

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    Akun Sabharwal, Nandu issue, nandu to attend sit today, Akun sabharwal

    Nandu To Attend SIT Today 01 August 2017

    Nandu To Attend SIT Today:- Ever since the drug racket has been busted in Hyderabad, Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal has been quite keen on digging out everyone who has been involved. Despite of the political pressure, he is not in...

    Keywords: Nandu, Nandu controversies, Nandu actor, Nandu movies

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    Tollywood drugs, Charmme, charmme s special petition in high court against sit, Akun sabharwal

    Charmme’s Special Petition In High Court Against SIT 24 July 2017

    Charmme’s Special Petition In High Court Against SIT:- Tollywood has been shattered with the recent drug mafia that released the names of many celebrities. Media has been completely focussed on these celebrities because of which the issue got huge craze....

    Keywords: Charmme, SIT, Charmme, Drug mafia

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    SIT updates, Akun Sabharwal, sit completes interrogating tollywood celebrities, Akun sabharwal

    SIT Completes Interrogating Tollywood Celebrities 01 August 2017

    SIT Completes Interrogating Tollywood Celebrities:- Enforcement director Akun Sabharwal formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) after a massive drug racket has been busted out in Hyderabad. This drug mafia revealed that several celebrities, actors, businessmen, students and others have been...

    Keywords: SIT, SIT news, SIT updates, SIT investigation

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    Drugs Scandal, Hyderabad Youth, akun sabharwal warns hyd teens for goa trips, Akun sabharwal

    Akun Sabharwal Warns Hyd Teens For Goa Trips 22 August 2017

    Akun Sabharwal Warns Hyd Teens For Goa Trips:- An incessant investigation is still going on in order to crack out the drugs scandal in Tollywood. Meanwhile, Director of Prohibition and Excise Department Akun Sabharwal has come up to alert parents...

    Keywords: Hyderabad Youth, Goa Vacations, Goa Vacations, Drugs Scandal

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    drug mafia new, Akun Sabarwal, akun sabharwal receives threat calls, Akun sabharwal

    Akun Sabharwal Receives Threat Calls 22 July 2017

    Akun Sabharwal Receives Threat Calls:- Tollywood celebrities have been involved in drug mafia and it has been revealed afte the recent drug racket that has been busted in Hyderabad. Several students, college youth, celebrities, big shots, businessmen have been involved...

    Keywords: drug mafia, Telangana news, SIT, Tollywood

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    SIT new, Akun Sabharwal, sit s next master plan, Akun sabharwal

    SIT's Next Master Plan 29 July 2017

    SIT's Next Master Plan:- Special Investigation Team (SIT) is now widely popular after a recent drug racket busted in Hyderabad. A team lead by Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal investigated the matter after which they have been left in shock about...

    Keywords: Hyderabad drugs, drug mafia, tollywood drugs, SIT updates

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    Tanish, Tanish news, tanish drilled for four hours, Akun sabharwal

    Tanish Drilled For Four Hours 31 July 2017

    Tanish Drilled For Four Hours:- The Special Investigation Team lead by Akun Sabharwal has been personally investigating the celebrities who have been suspected to take drugs. Puri Jagannadh, Ravi Teja, Charmme, Subbaraju, Shyam K Naidu, Chinna, Mumaith Khan, Navdeep, Tarun,...

    Keywords: SIT, Special Investigation Team, Special Investigation Team, SIT

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