• Rate of physical ageing varies among people, Reason behind old age look of youngsters, why youngsters are looking double their age, Ageing

    Why youngsters are looking double their age? 11 July 2015

    Are looking older than your age? Then there is a high chance that you might have actually turned old. According to a new study, the researchers found that age-related decline is already happening in young adults who are decades away...

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    benefits of fruits, anti-ageing tips, natural remedies to fight wrinkles, Ageing

    Natural remedies to fight wrinkles 31 March 2015

    Wrinkling is the main problem faced by many women. Aging is not only the factor that causes wrinkling but it may be caused due to pollution, extensive exposure to sun, lack of vitamin D3, excessive use of cosmetics etc.  Many...

    Keywords: Benefits of papaya and banana, Natural remedies to fight wrinkles, Fruits for wrinkle free skin, wrinkle free tips

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    diabetes causes signs of ageing, type 1 diabetes live longer, diabetes promotes brain ageing, Ageing

    Diabetes promotes brain ageing 07 May 2015

    According to a study conducted by University of Pittsburgh Schools, it was revealed that “brains of people with type 1 diabetes show signs of accelerated aging that correlate with slower information processing”. Senior author Caterina Rosano, M.D., M.P. H., associate...

    Keywords: benefits of type 1 diabetes, type 1 diabetes live longer, type 1 diabetes live longer, brain aging in type 1 diabetes

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    tips for younger looking skin, skin care, avoid these to look youthful, Ageing

    Avoid these to look youthful 01 August 2013

    For that young looking skin and face, there are certain foods that are better avoided. Though all foods can be eaten in moderation, we forget to stop when it comes to sweets and other aging foods. Here are some of...

    Keywords: Alcohol skin, Glamorous skin., Red wine advantages, tips to prevent aging

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    Sakshi news paper online, Telangana News, how to stay in shape by deepika padukone, Ageing

    How to stay in Shape by Deepika Padukone 30 September 2011

    For Deepika Padukone, fitness is not an option, it’s her lifestyle. She says, “Instead of making diets and exercise a compulsion and driving yourself up the wall to follow them, make them a part of your lifestyle.” The actor says...

    Keywords: Hot topics store, AP headlines, Telangana News, Hot topics store

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    anti-ageing creams, Vitamin A 'puffs up' the skin, how to buy anti ageing creams, Ageing

    How to buy anti-ageing creams 30 August 2012

    While wrinkles may add 'character' to a man's face, the same represent a sad slippery slope toward senility in women. To erase these lines of misery, women go overboard in clinging to every new anti-aging cream in the market that...

    Keywords: anti-ageing creams, boost circulation and collagen production, for women,

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    study on brain exercises, brain exercises for healthy ageing people, new study on ageing adults with down syndrome, Ageing

    New study on ageing adults with down syndrome 21 May 2015

    The researchers from Trinity College Dublin have examined if cognitive training for adults with Down syndrome can have a protective effect for healthy ageing. The study is being conducted in the context of a growing concern by the researchers involved...

    Keywords: how to reduce down syndrome, brain exercises for down syndrome, how to reduce down syndrome, how to reduce down syndrome

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    5 fantastic anti-ageing techniques, 5 fantastic anti-ageing techniques, 5 fantastic anti ageing techniques, Ageing

    5 fantastic anti-ageing techniques 03 October 2015

    The number of birthday candles does not bother you, if you take a regular care of your skin, hair, and body. Here are the five fantastic anti-ageing techniques, which really work out, if you follow it regularly. 1. Retinoid has...

    Keywords: anti-ageing tips, anti-ageing tips, Beauty tips, anti-ageing tips

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    youthful face, Health conditions, face is index of life span, Ageing

    Face is Index of Life Span? 09 November 2013

    There is a saying that face is the index of mind. The great poet Shakespeare said "Though men can cover crimes with bold, stern looks, poor women’s faces are their own faults' books". But the scientists also say that a...

    Keywords: women, Face, wrinkles, face is the index of mind

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    red blood cells, benefits of olive oil, health benefits of olive oil, Ageing

    Health benefits of olive oil 07 January 2014

    Most of us know that olive oil is healthy and have even incorporated it into our life. Here are some other facts about this healthy oil. Memory loss due to  Alzheimer's disease can be orevented by incorporating olive oil in...

    Keywords: life, Ageing, olive oil, Health

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    Ear Tickle current, Ear Tickle current, ear tickle therapy may help slow ageing, Ageing

    Ear Tickle Therapy May Help Slow Ageing 01 August 2019

    Ear Tickle Therapy May Help Slow Ageing:- Tickling the ear with a small electric current will rebalance the nervous system said a study and all those who are over 55 years can stay healthy as per the study. Scientists from...

    Keywords: Ear Tickle next, Ear Tickle latest, Ear Tickle current, Ear Tickle latest

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