This fish eats human testicles for fun

September 27, 2013 14:07
This fish eats human testicles for fun

A man in New Jersey didn't know that the 10-inch he caught on a fishing expedition is actually Piranha's cousin. He carefully stored it in his freezer, only to be told later that his catch is actually a pacu, also nicknamed 'Ball Cutter.'

Tom Boylan, who is 77 years old, was shocked to learn that this fish is notorious for castrating men for fun. The legendary fish lives on the vegetation around its watery surroundings but has a fancy for cutting off men's testicles who dared to venture out into its territory.


Reports of Pacu fish causing excessive bleeding and death are many. These cousins of the Piranha can grow up to 4 feet long and contains human-like teeth and mouth. Pacu are said to be 'gentler' than the piranha.

In 2011, 53 year old Jeremy Wade hunted for the fish after hearing about 'The Ball Cutter' in Papua New Guinea. In an interview for the British television program 'River Monsters' Wade said that he had heard about two fishermen being castrated by something in the water.

“The bleeding was so severe that they died. The locals told me that this thing was like a human in the water, biting at the testicles of fishermen. They didn’t know what it was. Amazingly, these things are quite elusive so we had to be patient catching one. When I reeled it in, it had this mouth which was surprisingly human-like, it is almost like they have teeth specially made for crushing,” Wade explained.

Source: Dailymail

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