Pawan Kalyan's suggestion for Janasena Followers

February 26, 2024 15:02
Pawan Kalyan's suggestion for Janasena Followers

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Pawan Kalyan's suggestion for Janasena Followers:- The combined forces of the TDP and Jana Sena recently unveiled their list of candidates, which did not sit well with some leaders from both parties. Following the release of the list, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan made some interesting statements. According to Kalyan, several experienced politicians had advised his party to contest in 60-70 constituencies in the upcoming elections. He mentioned that if Jana Sena had won 10 seats in the previous elections, they would have had a stronger position to demand 50-60 seats. However, Kalyan emphasized that the number of seats being contested is not as important as the success rate. He urged Jana Sainiks to focus on winning the maximum number of seats, even if it means only contesting in a few constituencies.

Furthermore, Kalyan mentioned that Jana Sena is limiting itself due to the possibility of sharing some seats with the BJP. The TDP-Jana Sena alliance will receive support from the BJP, but the exact number of seats will be determined through discussions. Kalyan clarified that he decided to stay in the coalition solely for the development of Andhra Pradesh. Once the coalition takes control, there will be a celebration. The primary goal of the coalition is to avoid the division of votes against the YCP. Simultaneously, he expressed certainty that the coalition will emerge victorious in the elections. "The Jana Sena members have been enduring the oppressive actions and mistreatment from the ruling YCP solely for the sake of the people's secure future in Andhra Pradesh," he further stated.

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