Masks And Social Distancing Ignored In This Festive Season

October 11, 2021 14:18
Masks And Social Distancing Ignored In This Festive Season

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Masks And Social Distancing Ignored In This Festive Season:- The coronavirus cases across the globe are slowing down but the fear is yet to disappear completely. India has been reporting close to 20,000 new cases on a regular basis currently. With Dasara and Diwali seasons approaching, the government asked the people to be extra cautious and careful to prevent the wave from heaping up. All the people are asked to strictly follow social distancing and use face masks when they are in public. As per the survey done by Local Circles, Indians have ignored the usage of face masks and they also skipped social distancing in public places. As per the survey, only 13 percent of the people are using face masks and 6 percent of the Indians are following the social distancing when they are in public.

61 percent of the people are using face masks at the vaccination centres. The entire nation is reopened for the public except for minor restrictions all over. Except Kerala, all the states continued to report low number of new cases which is a great sign. But the Centre is now worried about the people ignoring the social distancing guidelines during the Dasara and Diwali season. The health experts warn that there is a 90 percent risk of infection of the individuals are not wearing masks. They also warned of a possible third wave of coronavirus during January and March next year. The office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government issued a guideline highlighting the droplets and aerosol for the primary ways of transmission of coronavirus.

The droplets can fall within 2 metres and aerosols can be carried up to 10 meters in air. An extensive survey has been conducted by the Local Circles and the results have been extremely shocking. Most of them told that mask compliance is not effective in their areas.

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