Congress Is Treating Kumaraswamy Same Way As His Father, Says Arun Jaitley

July 17, 2018 14:45
Congress Is Treating Kumaraswamy Same Way As His Father, Says Arun Jaitley

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Congress Is Treating Kumaraswamy Same Way As His Father, Says Arun Jaitley:- Minister of Corporate Affairs Arun Jaitley on Monday accused Congress party over driving Chief Minister of Karnataka H.D. Kumaraswamy to desperation, saying it did the same to few leaders when they were the prime ministers of governments backed by the party.

Jaitley said in an effective Facebook post fetching a pot-shot at opposition's attempt to sew a "non-ideological opportunistic" alliance just to "Keep Modi Out", said that India cannot afford to have 'Bechara' (helpless) Prime Minister.

He said since last few days, "we witnessed" Kumaraswamy stripping his feelings with tears, wetting his eyes and declining to accept bouquets and garlands.

Jailtley said "He was candid enough to publicly state... Listening to these statements of an Honourable Chief Minister, my memory took me back to the dialogues of the tragedy era of Hindi cinema."

"If this is the consequence of a two-party coalition, what is it that a disparate group of parties with no ideological similarity offer to India?" Jaitley said.

He further said that non-ideological opportunistic alliance always gets cornered within their own contradictions.

Their sole aim is endurance and not service of the nation, he said, added that longevity of such coalitions too is fishy.

"If the Prime Minister of such a coalition has to weep before the cameras with an only wish of how to exit from office, it will be a scenario worse than the policy paralysis of UPA II," Jaitley said in the blog, 'Is the Karnataka a Preview of what the Congress and the Federal Front Promise for the Future?'.

"The Congress firmly believes that only members of one family can rule India. If anybody else gets a chance, he should be pushed to the desperation of throwing his hands up and weeping publicly," he said.

He said the country has been observing with keen curiosity the improvements in Karnataka over the past two months.

It is "a repeat of what the Congress did to Chaudhary Charan Singh, Shri Chandrasekhar, Shri HD Deve Gowda and Shri IK Gujral? It is the obvious consequence of a non-ideological opportunistic alliance with no positive agenda. The basis of the negative agenda is 'Keep Modi Out'", he said.

Jaitley further wrote saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clear-cut demonstrated the advantages of a decisive leadership.

"India's Prime Minister and his Government has to overcome the challenges that India faces today. He cannot be seen as the Chief Minister of Karnataka as a tragedy king. If such a coalition is a cup of poison, why even dream of inflicting it on the nation? The leader of the world’s fastest-growing economy cannot be a 'Bechara',"Jaitley said.

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