Female bosses threaten men more - study

July 13, 2015 13:13
Female bosses threaten men more - study

According to the recent survey, Men tend to be more assertive when working for a woman, because they feel threatened by having a female boss.

This is not an exception to the case, where the people, who even support gender equality. There would be the difference in their behavior and the salary negotiation would depend on the gender of their boss. If the boss is of the opposite gender, then the employees would demand for higher salaries.
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From a series of experiments, that are conducted with a number of male and female students, various facts have come out.

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When their feelings were monitored by asking them to choose between words flashed up on a screen, the male participants are more threatened while speaking to a woman, and demanded higher salaries, than those speaking to a man. On the other side, there is no such change in the attitude of women participants and negotiated the high salary, though the manager is male or female.

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Another study of 68 males proved that, they would split a large bonus equally with teammates of either gender. But if they are asked to share with the female boss, they would keep more for themselves.  

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