Plight of an Anchor

November 21, 2013 16:06
Plight of an Anchor

Why Men Loose Control Over Themselves? Men are often seen getting intoxicated with two things Madhuvu and Maguva (Wine and women). Some of the men after few drinks behave as if a different soul possessed them. The character changes drastically from hero to villain or to a joker. The things a person keeps as a secret close to his chest come out when he loses his privacy control over it that suppresses his wild desires.

Same thing happens when a person starts making advances to a woman. After some attempts some of them lose control and go on madly unmindful of the woman’s protest. That is the reason why so many molestations and rape cases committed by known people come out.  The person doing something against the wishes of the woman could not retrace his steps even though he had a point to worry as his identity was known that might create problems later on.  In the intoxication hitting his brain goes on without thinking about the consequences.

It happened recently with an anchor who attends private functions for a sizable remuneration paid by the hosts taking it as the part of the expenditure to boost their social image. In one of those visits a TV anchor who went to Bhimavaram to attend a marriage function had a bitter experience when bride groom’s friends tried to molest her after whirling some unwanted comments on her quite for some time. She was followed to her allotted place of rest and tried to push her.  On her alarm of course the groom went to her rescue and apologized with a request not to make a police complaint.

She was saved alright but the experience made her tremble for some time and to take a hard decision not to attend any more functions that sort.

We have news on the Editor of Tehalka Magazine who with all his intellectual background and working with a motive of revealing anti social and corrupt activities in the society became prey for the wild desire that made him misbehave with a woman reporter working under him.

There are also other spur of the moments that make a man wild to a less degree like beating his own child for a mistake committed by the child. That is why some of the relatives immediately respond and stop that person which is required at that moment.

But of all Madhuvu and Maguva have become strong intoxications leading to madness.  Remedy unfortunately is in the hands of the same person who should come to his wits to check himself.


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