Prime Minister's Independence Day Speech

August 15, 2013 16:42
Prime Minister's Independence Day Speech

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hoisted National flag at Red Fort today and addressed the Nation from the bullet proof podium specially built for the purpose at Red Fort, Delhi. 


After greeting the citizens of India on the occasion of the Independence Day, Manmohan Singh first remembered the tragic situation in Uttarakhand after devastating floods that made heavy losses of lives and properties to the people of the State. He also referred to the loss of the Nation due to the blast occurred yesterday in INS Sindhurakshak that also took lives of 18 brave soldiers.

Manmohan Singh said that after getting independence in 1947, the Country progressed with major changes every decade.

1950s- Establishment of Atomic Energy Commission, Planning Commission and Election Commission. 
1960s- Industrialization and Irrigation projects.
1970s- Launching of first Satellite and Green Revolution.
1980s- Technological development and foundation for IT and Panchayatiraj.
1990s- Economic reforms.
2000s- Major Economic development, Democratic forces strengthened and empowerment to the common man with new rights.

Manmohan Singh said that the Food Security Bill is in Parliament and once it is passed will benefit 75% of the rural and 50% of the urban population who will get rice @ Rs.3/-, wheat @ Rs.2/- and coarse grains @ Rs.1/- per kg. which was described by him as the largest effort in the world. He said that there is a difference of opinion exists in defining the poverty but the poverty was reduced since 2004 the time of UPA Government’s rule. 

Manmohan Singh said that the education and infant mortality rate increased in the country and this decade also seen implementation of Health Mission. He said that on international relations strengthened during the decade. He also said that to ensure the Government is made responsive, transparent and honest a Right To Information (RTI) and introduction of Lokpal Bill in the Parliament took place. He said that the security to women increased with stern laws.

He mentioned developments like Aadhar, Mid day meals, computerization of public and establishment of National Skill Development Authority under which Rs.10000 will be paid and 10 lakh youth will get benefited from it. 

He warned that there is no place for the narrow and sectarian ideologies in our modern and secular country. He called for the prevention of those from growing. On the contrary, he said, the traditions of our country to promote tolerance and respect towards others thought processes that is different from us.

At the end of his speech Manmohan Singh again reminded of the progress in the past decades and asked the people of India to decide what progress in the coming decade they expect and emphasized on the need to build a stable Government and called everyone to re-dedicate to build such an India together.

"Jai Hind" shouted by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was repeated three times by the masses attending there at Red Fort. 


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