Diabetic Boy Denied Schooling

August 11, 2013 10:21
Diabetic Boy Denied Schooling

Educational Institutions are commercial houses alright as understandable in case of private management.  Their torturing students to get good marks in order to bring name to the institution are also tolerated by the parents.  Students do not have enough play time and hardly any time to interact with parents, friends and relatives.  They are burdened with bundles of home work so that they can fare well in the examination for the sake of the good will of the institution that in turn will get them more admissions of the students. 

If a student is found scoring average marks, the parents will get a warning that their sibling will be shown exit.  If the management of an Institute thinks that a student makes them pay more attention than in an ordinary way they get annoyed.  They want the operation in the school should go smoothly, automatically and effortlessly.

All the above are still taken as normal by the parents of the students understanding the problems of the institute and thinking that it is in the best interests of their child also to get a bright future.

But, St.Paul’s School in Hyderguda, Hyderabad made a step ahead and removed a boy of nine years studying 4th class because of the simple reason that the boy is a diabetic.  He became a type 1 diabetic at an early age without his fault.  And it need not be hereditary as doctors say.  Environment, stress can make a person’s pancreas produce less than required amount of insulin in the body resulting in the sugar levels go high.

Stress and strain caused to the students also may cause many diseases.  Diabetic is not a disease but is only an internal deformity and it is not infectious.There are laws and courts to deal with this type of cases but usually parents do not go against an institute keeping their children’s future in view.  They do not want their child get a stamp of "Problematic child" from an institute. 

In case of Neeraj Jaiswal and Vaishali Jaiswal they question how their boy Tanishq Jaiswal can be removed from the school for this purpose.  The boy now is perfected in taking insulin on his own without anyone’s help and without disturbing others.  Tanishq never bothered others with his syringe that is carried by him, as Vaishali says with heavy heart and choked voice.  He was regular in attendance and scoring good marks in the class.  School fee is also paid regularly and the boy insisted on paying entire year’s fee so that even that issue should not bother the management of the school.  

In spite of all the efforts on the part of the student Tanishq and his parents, the management of St. Paul’s High School is determined to remove the boy and not ready to hear any explanations or assurances from them making it clear that all the Institute wants is hassle free profits.


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