Eid Ul Fitr

August 09, 2013 10:35
Eid Ul Fitr

Eid Ul Fitr one of the two main festivals of Muslims is celebrated today with happiness that is shared with one and all.  After a month long Ramzan fasting, today its ending is celebrated as Eid Ul Fitr.  

Ramzan is the ninth month of Islamic Calendar based on the movements of moon.  During the month, Muslims read Quran and try to understand it going deep in to its meaning to the maximum.   As a custom Muslims observe fast during the day and culminate it after sunset.  They do not have any type of intake during the day time either solid or liquid not even water and saliva is spitted out.  After observing the customary fasting for the month they end it and congratulate each other after the prayers and distribute sweets.

All muslims celebrate Eid Ul Fitr wearing new clothes on the first day of Shawwal the tenth month for successful completion of Ramzan.  Some muslims observe fast for 6 days in Shawwal from second day onwards as fasting on the first is prohibited as it is the day meant for celebrations with all.   Muslims believe that fasting in Ramzan and six days in Shawwal is equivalent to fasting entire year and the benefit will be tenfold.


Today being Eid Ur Fitr, Muslims go to Edgah and do Namaz after which they sit in lines and carefully listen to the sermons.  The festival Namaz has to be done in the Edgahs only as per the tradition and for that many Edgahs are decorated in the Capital city Hyderabad.  

The Prophet Mohammad made the Muslims to go to Edgah on this day to do two Naqats (prayers) after which he used to give sermons to them followed by Dua (blessings).  After that they embrace each other and congratulate for the successful completion of Ramzan.  

After prayers, sermons, embraces and congratulations they go for festival shopping.  They buy traditional clothes, chappals and other things to celebrate the festival.  In Hyderabad women throng Lal Bazar to buy bangles and cosmetics.  

Andhrawishesh wishes “Eid Mubarak”  to all Muslims.


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