ATM to YSRC Party Fund?

July 10, 2013 17:31
ATM to YSRC Party Fund?

Rajahmundry Police could nab the culprits in the case of murder of Srinivas who was working as Guard for the firm Scientific Security Services that is engaged in the cash filling of ATMs in Rajahmundry on 23rd June.   Sridhar Reddy and his accomplices totaling 11 persons were arrested by the police.  

They recovered cash and articles worth Rs.2.00 crores and a gun from Sridhara Reddy at the time of arresting him.  The culprits, as per police, admitted their involvement in the crime. Sridhara Reddy also admitted that he spent Rs.3.00 crores in Sharmila’s padayatra.  

TDP leader Revanth Reddy and Rajyasabha Member V.Hanumantha Rao criticized the YSRC party on this incident.  Many other leaders expressed their worry about the incident saying that these things are happening because the youth is taking YS Jagan as a role model.  They want to get into politics by spending money acquired by beg borrow or steal and make more money once entered the politics.  

The scene at the crime was created by the culprits in such a way that some robbers killed the guard Srinivas and took away all the money in the lockers.  They thought they could fool everyone including police.  But police have their own way probing in to the crimes.  They did not rule out an insider’s hand in it.  

Sridhar Reddy and his brother Prasada Reddy who worked for the Scientific Security Services at Kakinada and Rajahmundry got tempted with the money they were handling.  They took the money from the SSS’s safety lockers first in small amounts and used to manage by shifting cash from Rajahmundry to Kakinada and back when checking used to take place.  The two brothers used to spend lavishly and got used to take the cash kept at the firm’s office.  

When the cash embezzlement gone up to 7.5 crores and could not be managed further, Prasada Reddy absconded.  Sridhara Reddy thinking the cash could no more be managed killed the new guard Srinivas at Rajahmundry.  He with the help of his accomplices not only emptied all the money from the lockers but also took away the video footages of the CC cameras and spilled red chilies powder so that sniffer dogs would not catch them.  The way it was done it was very clear to the police that a known person should have done it but not the robbers from outside.  

Sridhara Reddy financed for a Telugu film “Ee Prema Kosam” which is yet to be released.  He also spent Rs.3 crores in YS Sharmila’s Padayatra.  Sridhar Reddy wanted to get into active politics by donating more money to the YSRCP party and by spending some more money here and there.  He also wanted to become Mayor of the city.  

The leaders of YSRCP deny the charges of other political leaders and say that Sridhara Reddy is not a senior leader of the party and It is too early to check up the credentials of a person who joined only few months ago.


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