Add a letter or drop for luck

May 17, 2013 11:55
Add a letter or drop for luck

Tamannah who was Tamanna some time ago added a letter 'h' as per the advice of numerologists and results are before you! She became a quite sought after heroine among producers and directors in the film industry.  

Now another beauty wanted to try to turn her luck by doing the same trick.  Poonam Kaur who has been straining her ear to hear a knock on her door for a chance to get lead roles, wanted to follow Tamannah’s footsteps.  

As a result now she is Puunam Khaur.  Even her Surname is incremented by ‘h’.  This is no ordinary decision!  It was suggested by a numerologist after a thorough study into her fate in reserve.  It has to be like that!  Otherwise why a gal with hot looks with a come on on her face and readiness to reveal her natural assets at the slightest excuse is denied of a main role in film?

After all we are passing through the digital age.  Everything is getting digitized.  So the numerology should apply more now in our lives with prominence!


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