Angelina Jolie bold revelation

May 15, 2013 12:24
Angelina Jolie bold revelation

A Kurnool based Swamiji visited Hyderabad once on a secret mission.  His visit was not scheduled and not at announced.  But a personal talk with the security guards at his Kurnool Ashram revealed it.  When he was tried to be contacted, his disciples denied his presence at Hyderabad.  But later on insistence it is revealed that the Swami visited a dentist at Hyderabad and would not meet any.  After all a swami is also a human being and he needs medical attention.  But he probably he thought that his Godly image will be shattered if the news spreads.

Contrary to the above incident,

Angelina Jolie is a favorite star of millions all over the world.  Although she has a tremendous fan following and although she is in a show business, she revealed the fact that she got her two breasts surgically removed, which is called double mastectomy, to fight with breast cancer.  Such a revelation needs guts and self confidence.  A breast cancer is a nightmare of a woman because of the chances of removing the affected breast.  Many die because of the delay in the treatment.  But Angelina Jolie (37) made it public which is appreciated by many across the globe.

The surgery on Angelina Jolie was successful and she improved on with the reconstruction of the breasts also.  

It is a fact that the testing and treatments are costly but insurance companies pay for the genetic tests and breast reconstruction too as announced by the breast cancer and plastic surgery specialists.

Angelina Jolie’s husband Brad Pitt who is a Hollywood actor announced that her daring statement with wonderment that she could have kept it a secret more so because of the improvement but wanted to reveal it for the sake of millions who are not aware of the genetic body defects and losing lives.  She wanted to tell everyone that it is not scary thing.  Brad Pitt said that as she was undergoing the treatment she visited all the places as per the schedules and honored all of her commitments.   

It is heartening to note that 4,58,000 women are dying every year by breast cancer.  The revelation of Angelina Jolie should be an eye opener to many who stand a chance of getting breast cancer as a genetic disorder.  


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