Telangana Governor slams previous BRS Government

February 09, 2024 13:16
Telangana Governor slams previous BRS Government

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Telangana Governor slams previous BRS Government:- In her address at the commencement of the Budget Session, Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan criticized the previous BRS government for their inadequate and careless handling of the state's finances over the course of a decade. She emphasized that the new government is committed to implementing two additional guarantees and conducting a caste census, as promised during the Assembly election campaign. Dr Soundararajan highlighted that the people of Telangana had entrusted a prosperous state to the previous government, but after ten years, they have left behind a state burdened with debt. The immediate challenge is to improve the financial situation of the state without imposing further hardships on the people. The Budget provides an opportunity to initiate the process of restoring responsibility, accountability, and sound management of public finances. The government is dedicated to reinstating financial discipline and transparency.

Regarding the execution of the Six Guarantees and commitments made under various declarations by the Congress, Dr Soundararajan announced that her government will soon implement two additional guarantees. Through the Maha Lakshmi scheme, eligible families will receive LPG cylinders at a cost of only `500. Dr Soundrarajan emphasized that her government is determined to fulfill the promises made during the elections, such as Maha Lakshmi, Rythu Bharosa, Gruha Jyothi, Indiramma Houses, Yuva Vikasam, and Cheyutha. These guarantees are not limited to specific groups, as the government is dedicated to serving farmers, youth, SC & ST communities, BCs, and minority communities. The recent Assembly polls showed that people desired a government that would prioritize freedom, democracy, and their aspirations.

To gather the necessary data for the caste census, the state government has decided to conduct a household survey where officials will visit each eligible household. This survey aims to understand the social, educational, economic, employment, and political opportunities available to different castes, with a particular focus on BCs. Dr Soundrarajan emphasized that the Budget process is not merely a yearly ritual, but rather a means for growth that reflects the desires of the people who wholeheartedly voted for a new government. The Budget is not just a financial document but a roadmap for our collective future, representing both the aspirations of the people and the government's commitment to meeting their needs. Dr. Soundrarajan emphasized the importance of development and advancement in Telangana. She explained that the government's plan for the state includes a wide range of areas, such as irrigation, education, and the employment of two hundred thousand individuals by the recently formed TSPSC.

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