Fish Prasadam Distribution To Begin After Three years Break

June 07, 2023 19:49
Fish Prasadam Distribution To Begin After Three years Break

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Fish Prasadam Distribution To Begin After Three years Break:- The annual fish prasadam (Chapamandhu) distribution will be held on the 9th of June this year at Nampally exhibition grounds. Bathina Mrigasira Trust has announced it officially.

Fish Prasadam distribution was kept on hold after the COVID breakdown. After three years of break, the trust has resumed its operations of distributing fish prasadam annually on Mrigasirakarte Day. Bathini Harinath Goud brothers and family believes that Chapa Prasadam will cure upper lung infections and Ashtma.

In 2019 Telangana state government has shown its concern over the distribution and ordered officials to take charge of smooth distribution. The fishery department supplied “Murrel” fishlings( which are used for medicine) near the venue. This year also officials going to show their support at the venue for the smooth distribution of the prasadam.

Patients have to purchase the fishling by standing in a line. Bathini's family will stuff the medicine (prasadam) into the fish and will make the patient swallow it. After taking the medicine Bathini family suggest following strict dietary regulations. Vegetarians are suggested to take prasadam with jaggery instead of fishing.

They also supply pills which need to be taken on Arudra, Punarvasu and Pushyami days.

However, there is no medical proof that the Bathini medicine will cure lung infections or Ashtma. Bathini's family claims that when we take medicine through a fishling, live fish travels through the throat and phlegm congestion by wagging the tail and fins, thus curing the patient. Later we need to follow several dietary restrictions and also a course of medication. Where the medicine won't work if we fail we follow the regulations.

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