Video: Moment of terror attack in Paris

November 16, 2015 12:05
Video: Moment of terror attack in Paris

After a horrifying terror attack in Paris, emergency services are speeded up and even Police, who are investigating the issue, assured to get the results soon.

To put it in a point-wise, the below the current updates of #Parisattacks issue.

1. After seven suicide attackers are died in the blast, the police are in search of Salah Abdeslam, 26 year old attacker. He is suspected to have rented the black Volkswagen Polo, to perform the attack. His brother Salah, was reportedly died in the attacks.  
2. Anti-terrorism raids are conducted in Toulouse, Grenoble, Jeumont (on the French-Belgian border), and the Paris suburb of Bobigny. Reportedly, at least three people have been arrested in Toulouse, and weapons seized, with further arrests in Grenoble.

3. Belgian authorities have already arrested 7 other men, in connection with the attacks.

4. One of the seven dead attackers name is Omar Ismail Mostefai.

5. In response to the killings, yesterday, 10 French fighter jets destroyed 2 Islamic State sites in Raqqa, Syria. While, the first target was a command post, recruitment centre and arms depot and second was a training camp.

6. The officials are speculating that, one of the attackers posed as a refugee and travelled on a Syrian passport via Greece. However, this is yet to be confirmed and assertions, linking the attacks, and the refugee crisis, are being treated asa threat.

7. Out of 129 victims, 103 are identified and the remaining 26 are yet unnamed. An official list is expected to be circulated anytime.

8. An area of particular interest to police has been a borough in Brussels called Molenbeek. In raids, seven people were arrested yesterday. The area has the highest concentration in Europe of jihadi foreign fighters, going to fight in Syria and Iraq.

9. The US, Russia, Britain, France, Iran and Saudi Arabia signed a statement, deciding 1st January, as the deadline for the talks between the Syrian government and opposition, with the aim of agreeing a ceasefire by 14th May.

10. Many entertainment, political and sports events are closed off.  

11. All social networking sites, google and YouTube are following a tri-color trick, hinting that, the world is not afraid.

Landmarks show support Paris Main

Not afraid, #parisattacks

12. Finally, the video footage below, shows the moment of the terror attack, inside the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris on Friday.

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By Phani Ch

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