TRS misrule: 50 questions for 500 days

November 13, 2015 11:17
TRS misrule: 50 questions for 500 days

Congress party leaders, released a booklet, on TRS, on the occasion of its completion of 500 days in the government.

Basing a right occasion, targeting the opposition parties, is not new in the country politics and that too in the Telugu state politics.

Continuing the same tradition, a few of the Congress party leaders like former minister Shabbir Ali, Sudhakar Reddy, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief, Uttham Kumar Reddy, had released a booklet, against the TRS government.

In the booklet, the Congress alleged that, there are several unanswered questions, TRS left to the public.

A few of them are as below:

1. KCR specified that, he would withdraw the cases filed during the Telangana movement, but failed to do so.
2. In the first cabinet meeting held in July last year, KCR assured to introduce the FAST scheme with 1956 cut-off year norm and took to task ministers who objected to it citing “legal complications”. Taking out this point, the Congress officials mentioned in the booklet, that the FAST scheme is actually the slow scheme.
3. KCR completely omitted double bedroom scheme, promised during the elections and is trying to divert the public, telling silly reasons.
4. KCR is only giving importance to the commercial schemes, under the name of water grid.
5. He should answer about the reason behind Warangal by-polls.

Tough for TDP and TRS in Warangal by-polls

The Congress officials further said that, it is Sonia Gandhi who granted Telangana state, but KCR completely took the credit for his own and bluffed the people. The public should be aware of it and stay away from TRS, in the upcoming GHMC polls.

Meanwhile, as Chandrababu Naidu seems to maintain mum on GHMC by-polls and TRS party leaders are continuously receiving shocks from Warangal people, the political analysts are expecting that, the winner of the elections, would be the candidate from other than these both parties.

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By Phani Ch

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