Geeta to return back home today after 15 years

October 26, 2015 10:44
Geeta to return back home today after 15 years

Geeta, a deaf Indian girl, living in Pakistan since 15 years, would get back to her parents in India today.

In the past, when Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie was running the theatres successfully in Pakistan, a few of the Pakistani officials said that, the story of the film suits a girl named Geeta, living away from her parents, for 15 years.

Since then, inquiries about her parents have been speeded up, and it seems currently, the girl found her parents.

The girl was just 8 years old, when she lost her home, sitting alone on the Samjhauta Express by the Pakistan Rangers, at the Lahore railway station. Now she turned as a 23 year old woman.

After knowing the news of her parents, she started to India, accompanied by the people of Edhi foundation, where she was brought up all these years.             

Geeta boarded a Pakistan International Airlines flight at the Karachi airport at 8 am (8:30 IST) today and is expected to arrive in New Delhi at 10:40 am.

“Geeta identified her family in a photograph, sent to us by the Indian High Commission. We would surrender her, only after the parents DNA matches with Geeta, otherwise, she will continue to stay at Edhi foundation itself, till her parents are found,” Edhi officials said.  

Till the DNA tests are completed, Geeta along with Edhi foundation people would stay in New Delhi itself.

We would like Geeta to stay with us - Edhi foundation 

As the Edhi foundation has nurtured Geeta, since childhood, obviously a special bonding has been developed with her. Speaking about this, Fahad Edhi of the Edhi foundation, said, “We would like Geeta to stay with us, but she wishes to live with her family and in her country.”    

Whatever be the case, unknowingly Bajrangi Bhaijaan has helped a girl to find her parents. So hope such thought provoking and inspirational movies would be made more in the future and thus inspire and support the society in some or the other way.

By Phani Ch

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