Sexually abusing Nepali women, Saudi coward leaves India

September 18, 2015 09:32
Sexually abusing Nepali women, Saudi coward leaves India

Two Nepali women, who were hired to work as domestic help by a Saudi Diplomat, were reportedly raped and harassed by the latter. The issue has currently put India under Diplomatic immunity, the foreign ministry says.   

The two women, aged 30 and 50, said that, they were not even given food to eat, but sexually abused by many other Saudi nationals, along with him.  

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia condemned the allegations and also refused to revoke the diplomatic immunity for the official, by not making him possible to be tried in India.

A few of the analysts say that, his departure resolves a huge diplomatic dilemma in the country. It is known that our country has diplomatic relation with Nepal. India is trying to avoid any conflicts with Saudi Arabia, keeping in mind, the millions of Indians are working and living over there.

Responding to the issue, Vikas Swarup, the foreign ministry spokesman released a statement saying first Secretary Majed Hassan Ashoor "who is allegedly accused of abusing two Nepali maids has left India. The official was protected under the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations.”  

He managed to stop his name from coming out, even though he was registered with a rape case, sodomy and illegal confinement in the past.   

No food and sexually abused for months by Saudi diplomat– Nepali women

After receiving a complaint from an NGO, the women were rescued from an apartment in the Gurgaon. Both the women, were alleged to have been abused for many months.

“We were arrested in a such a way, that there is not even a single way to escape from the apartment. At a time, we thought we would die there itself”, one of the women told.  

Police intrusion in the official property – Saudi media

Along with condemning the rumors, Saudi embassy is even refusing to let the diplomat questioned. Adding to this, Saudi media even complained about the police intrusion in the official property.
Author’s view

This is what is happening in the countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc for decades. In fact even, through the recent inquiry, it was found out that, Mumbai serial blasts convict Dawood Ibrahim is been hidden in Pakistan, with the country’s full support to such a notorious criminal.

They do all nonsense in India and run as cowards to Saudi countries. That shameless countries shelters those kind of scoundrels and threaten India. What else can the fully armed rogues, who are the rulers, in such countries, can do more than this.          

By Phani Ch

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