G.O out, a small relief to Kapus

September 03, 2015 11:32
G.O out, a small relief to Kapus

‘Reservations’, the one word that is questioning the development of the country, since years.

Keeping in mind the financial status of the people, giving preference only to the particular castes, is what the reservations job is.
However, implementing the reservations in the country cannot be denied completely, as the financial position estimation in the backward castes is true. But it does not mean, every forward castes person is rich and every backward caste person is poor. It can be vice versa too.

A few of such castes, which is allegedly has every eligibility, to be included in the reservations category is Kapus, Balija, Telaga and Ontari. After a proper observation by the officials, it is noted that, all the above mentioned communities are socially, educationally and economically in the backward condition, than the other forward castes, though it is being treated as a forward caste.

Regarding this, the government has now officially released a G.O. as below.
G.O.Ms.No.                                                                   Dated.02.09.2015
 Read the following :-

        1. Govt., Memo No.500/C/A1/2015, Daed.03.07.2015.
        2. From the Director (FAC), B.C.Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad
              Lr.No.B1/704/2015, Dated.22.08.2015.
3.  G.O.Rt.No.2385, Finance (EBS-III-SW-TW) Dept., Dated.27.08.2015.


It has been felt that Kapu, Balija, Telaga and Ontari Communities in the state are socially, educationally and economically in the backward condition than the other forward castes though it is being treated as a forward caste. Large number of people from these communities do not own any land for cultivation though the main profession of this community is Agriculture, compelling them to live in poverty. Even in urban areas also they are limited to the unorganized sectors and in low income yielding professions.

2.      In this regard, the Director, Backward Classes Welfare has proposed for establishment of the Kapu Corporation for the welfare and Development of the Kapu, Balija, Telaga & Ontari communities living in poverty and take up activities for the social, educational and economic development of these communities. This Corporation endeavours to contribute to the students of these communities to give them an opportunity to get better education and employment in the future in addition to the above.

3.      Government after careful examination and with an aim of promoting the Welfare and Development of the Kapu, Balija, Telaga and Ontari Communities living in poverty, have taken a decision to establish a new Corporation for these communities. In this direction the Government have proposed the following name to be applied to the Registrar of Companies, Andhra Pradesh:-

“The Andhra Pradesh State Kapu Welfare and Development Corporation Limited”

4.      In the Budget Estimates 2015-16, Government has also allocated an amount of Rs.100.00 Crores for the welfare of Kapus. In the reference 4th read above, Govt., have issued Budget Release Orders for an amount of Rs.50.00 Crore for the 1st & 2nd quarters of the financial years 2015-16.

5.      Sri K.Harshavardhan, IAS., Director, Backward Classes Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad is authorized to sign and submit necessary forms and matters incidental in the formation of the proposed Corporation “The Andhra Pradesh State Kapu Welfare and Development Corporation Limited” to the Registrar of Companies for Andhra Pradesh.


The Director, Backward Classes Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad.

- 2 -

The Vice Chairman & Managing Director, A.P Backward Classes Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad.

Copy to :
PS to Secretary to Chief Minister.
OSD to Minister (Finance).
OSD to Minister (BCW).
P.S to Chief Secretary to Government.
PS to Secretary to Government, B.C.Welfare Department.
The Member Secretary, A.P.Commission for Backward Classes, Hyderabad.
The Secretary, MJPAPBCWREIS, Hyderabad
The Commissioner, I & PR, A.P., Hyderabad. (with a request to issue press note to both Press & Electronic media)

//Forwarded:: By Order//


Finally, it is a definite celebration time for Kapus and other above mentioned communities. Though the G.O does not sound completely favourable to them, it is to be remembered that, something is always better than nothing. The notable thing is, before starting the agitations from the above communities, introducing the G.O is the good initiative on the part of the government.     

On the other side, Hardik Patel, the present sensation of the country, is fighting on the issue. His demand is to include ‘Patel’ caste in the ‘OBC’ category. His influence on the issued G.O cannot be omitted. So, the Kapus, Balija, Telaga and Ontari Communities should thank the dynamic young person for his fight against the government.   

By Phanindra

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