Extending support to farmers, Mangalagiri MLA ploughs field

June 26, 2015 08:56
Extending support to farmers, Mangalagiri MLA ploughs field

Alla Ramakrishna Reddy, YSRCP Mangalagiri MLA expressed his solidarity with the farmers, who are against the Land Pooling Scheme (LPS), by ploughing the fields.

For the construction of the AP capital, it is known that Andhra Pradesh government started collecting the lands from the farmers under Land pooling scheme. Regarding this, Ramakrishna Reddy inspired the farmers to fight against the forcible acquisition of land by ploughing the lands, spraying the fertilizers, plucking the vegetables in the fields of his village farmers. The field he ploughed was one among the 1000 acres of land which was not yet pooled by the government.

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The High Court has already directed the Andhra Pradesh Government not to force the farmers, who are unwilling to sign form 9.3, giving consent to the land pooling. “The government is threatening the farmers to sign the form,” MLA said.

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"Most of the farmers in Penumaka are small farmers, who grow vegetables and flowers. Why does the government want to stop cultivation?’’ he questioned.

“Government is not in a position to show a concern on the farmers of the state. Stopping all the form subsidies on seeds and fertilizers, soil health cards and neglecting of Kharif cultivation is the evidence for it,” Reddy added.

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“It is worse that, the agriculture department is neglecting ‘Polam Badi’ programme in Penumaka and Undavalli villages. Specially after the ‘Cash for vote’ scam, the farmers who already gave the land, started rethinking about it. Regarding the situation, I assure that YSRCP party would be there to fight against the government for the welfare of the farmers,” Reddy concluded.

Andhrawishesh view:

The one scam ‘Cash for vote’ is making the AP government to be silent on all the comments of the oppositions. But it might soon pick up and counter back all the oppositions, as Chandrababu, being the senior most successful politician, faced many challenges like these before.

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