Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posts an infographic Indian Map without J&K

May 15, 2015 13:15
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posts an infographic Indian Map without J&K

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has managed to anger a lot of Indians after he posted an infographic which left out Jammu Kashmir from the India map. Basically, in an image post about his most ambitious plan to bring Internet.org to the world, Zuckerberg forgot to include Kashmir.

"We just launched Internet.org in Malawi, giving people on the TNM and Airtel Malawi networks access to free basic internet services.

With this launch, Internet.org is now available to more than 1 billion people around the world!

Giving people free access is the right thing to do. We will keep connecting more people and more countries, and we won’t stop until every person in the world can connect to the internet," says Zuckerberg's post which accompanied the info-graphic pasted below.

Mark Zuckerberg posts an infographic Indian Map without J K

Indians were quick to notice that Zuckerberg had missed a part of India's north in the infographic.

Almost immediately after Zuckerberg shared the infographic, a certain Akhil Dev commented " Great Job, Please correct the Indian MAP on this Picture, Kashmir is Missing.

Manish Kaishav also was quick to remind Zuckerberg to correct the Indian Map.

"Hi Mark, please correct the Map of India as you posted it without Kashmir area which look's very Controversial , your correction will gain our continues support to you . Thanks .

Manish Kaishav from INDIA," he says.

Vivin Varghese Meleadan even rectified the image and shared it on the comment section.

However, Amol Swift explained the logic behind not including Kashmir in the map.

"I'm an Indian and this should not offend you! Kashmir is a part which is not completely controlled by our Government. This map shows India with only its parts being controlled by the Government perhaps thats why there isnt any Kashmir in it", said Swift.

But SK Rao wants Indians to boycott Facebook unless the map is corrected.

"Correct India's map - Kashmir is missing. Don't need your free internet. All Indians log off Facebook if the map is not corrected. This is absolute lack of sensitiveness," he says.

And off course, Zuckerberg's map had to reach Twitter too.

- Manohar

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