Mr. Clinton, give a clarity on your charity

May 07, 2015 19:09
Mr. Clinton, give a clarity on your charity

As Hilary Clinton is heading to Presidential run, her husband and ex-President Bill Clinton has recently announced that he has no thoughts of giving up his paid speeches. The World’s highest paid public speaker gave  ‘mind blowing’ excuse for continuing the speeches.

‘I gotta pay our bills’-Clinton told NBC. We do our best to vet them. And I have turned down a lot of them. If I think there's something wrong with it, I don't take it."

In the meanwhile, a lot of criticism spread over Clinton’s Charity. The Clintons' political opponents have criticized the foundation for accepting funding from foreign governments for its endowment and for its charitable work abroad.

There is another blame on him that he funds an ample portion of his earnings on religious conversions in nations like India. Reportedly, Clinton sends Rs 300 Crore per annum to the heads of Christian missionaries in India. The whopping amount will be spent on motivating the low income Hindus and converting them to Christians.

‘As Hindus are most friendly and open to speak, it is not so hard to inject religious evangelism’  into them is what many gospels believe. In fact, these morons by large gets succeeded by making the weak people believe that they are not great people from great religion.

But Mr. Bill and the rest, how could you forget that encouraging a Hindu leave his home and religion is a denial of Biblical teaching?

To conclude, Mr. Clinton - you already got defamed enough in Monica’s case. At least now, stop this faith-based charity and try to match your actions with your speeches.

- Manohar

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