Writing Off Of Loans Objected By JP

March 29, 2014 14:55
Writing Off Of Loans Objected By JP

Loksatta pary president Jayaprakash Narayan objected the promises of political leaders to write off loans taken by the farmers.

JP says that it is first priority to make the agriculture profitable. Farmers should get profit out of their produce like other businessmen. They should be allowed to sell their produce anywhere without any strings attached to it.

It is good hear at the time of elections that the Government comes to the help of farmers by asking them not to pay back the loans they have borrowed for agricultural purposes. But it is not clear, JP observes, from where the deficit will be made good.

Agriculture should be encouraged and farmers should be made to earn good profits like any other business man. The businessmen who are dealing with the agricultural produce are making huge profits but the very farmer who works in the fields and takes risks with the untimely rain falls, natural calamities, rising prices of fertilizers and pesticides to name a few are facing losses by not getting the money they invest. The reason for it has to be studied and strictly followed. The new generation is very much inclined in urban life, employment and business.

Nobody can work for long if the work they are engaged does not get adequate returns. What if the agriculturists totally stop farming?

So, the real solution does not lie in writing off of their loans but creating an atmosphere to build up gradually so that they need not go for any such borrowings that they cannot repay.


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