Prasadam burnt at Simhachalam

May 22, 2013 20:00
Prasadam burnt at Simhachalam

The management of Simhachalam made laddus expecting a number of devotees to throng the pilgrim place on Chandanotsavam.  As the devotees did not turn up to the expectations of the temple management, about 750 laddus were spoiled as fungus formed on them.  The employees of the temple disposed the wastage by burning the laddus .  

As it is not informed to the priests before taking up the disposing activity, the priests of the temple objected for their action saying the prasadam could have been buried instead of burning which is against the rules laid in the scriptures.  Always it is observed that a difference crops up between the management who are administrators and priests who want to go by the book.  

But if one goes deep in to the practices of the temples, prasadams made for the sale are not offered to the deity in many temples.  Although they are made by the persons authorized by the temple with the money spent from the temple funds and cooked for that purpose in a hygienic condition under the auspices of the temple, such food items go to the stalls direct from the temple kitchen.  It is done for the convenience of the management but never objected by the priests.  A temple constructed as per temple vastu in fact should not be divided with iron grills and chains but it is done to control the masses.  No electricity should be used inside the sanctum but it is done for the lighting and also for fans for the sake of priests and visitors to beat the heat inside the temple.

Spending in the temple with devotion filled heart and mind focused on the spirituality is the real purpose of a temple visit.  The rituals, decorations aimed at aiding them to achieve it.  Performing archana mentioning their names and receiving Tirtha and Prasada gives them satisfaction of completing the temple visit.  

But the temples nowadays became showy and commercial places giving special service to the VIPs and reduced to the management of funds of the temple.     

As such, there are many other things to object in priority than burning prasadam.


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