Botsa's gyan backfires, tenders apology!

December 25, 2012 08:36
Botsa's gyan backfires, tenders apology!

The state PCC Chief Botsa Satynarayana faced the wrath from the protestors for his comments on aired on TV channels. 'Women must not go out in midnight.....the rape is a minor incident...the victim must have taken care of the situation....etc'. All this gyan by the Botsa backfired in the form  of  angry protests from women help organizations in the state.

The PCC Chief hurried another media meet to tender his unconditional apology to the public and spilled his ire on the media for misinterpreting his statement. He also took back his word 'minor incident,' and added that it was a heinous crime and due justice will be meted out to the victim.

The protestors and women help organizations never expected this statement that hurt the feelings of the entire women world, that too from  a very responsible leader of the state. Many questioned when women are equals, do they not have the right to wear what they want and go where ever they desire. Why all restrictions for women only, just because they are vulnerable, this discrimination only suggests that the leaders would like them to remain as 'weaker sex'.

Contrary to all this women expected the laws to be more stringent and the gyan must be given to those who indulge in such crimes and not to the sufferer. People before talking about the incident must place themselves in the shoes of the victim and must understand the agony faced by her, at the hands of the perpetrators.

The 23-years-old medical student a victim to the gruesome rape, on Sunday, is right now battling for life at Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital. Six of the accused have been arrested, as the victim is slowly recovering, nevertheless the trauma is to haunt her for sometime in future. (Wishesh AarKay)

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