MorningWishesh: Happy Birthday Hyderabad!

September 17, 2012 09:12
MorningWishesh: Happy Birthday Hyderabad!

From an independent nawabi state, on this day way back in the 1948, the Indian Army convinced the, then, Nawab in being a part of the Indian government. Sounds amazing is it not, yes that is history. Hyderabad the city that daily welcomes thousands from across the nation was  actually re-born today as a part of the nation.

Ganesh Chaturthi: Ganesh festival is fast approaching and is just hours away, lets start the week by invoking the God of a good beginning.
                           Shukla-Ambara-Dharam Vissnnum Shashi-Varnnam Catur-Bhujam |
                           Prasanna-Vadanam Dhyaayet Sarva-Vighno[a-U]pashaantaye ||

Vishwakarma temple: People throng the sole Vishwakarma temple to get the blessings of the Hindu lord of architecture. This temple in Guwahati, has numerous traders visiting to offer prayers and take back 'nirmali' from the temple, sprinkling it on their shop premises.  

History Speaks: Birth of the Hyderabad City, which is a home to the millions of varied cultures. Always a good host which blessed its guest with abundance.  

Days Specialty: On this day in 1957, Malaysia joins the United Nations. UN formed in 1945 after the world war II had been instrumental in inter nations peace. The organising governs the entire world on  grounds to maintain cordial relations between the other countries.

Celebrity Corner: Remember the daring journo in Shekar Kammula's 'Leader, yes Priya Anand was born on this day. 'Lets wish Priya Anand, an very Happy Birthday.

Tirupati: Devotees rush normal and sources say that only 8 compartments are filled with devotees to have a glimpse of the Lord. Ordinary darshan will just take four hours for the devotees in queue. Ideal time to have a darshan of the lord of seven hills. The much awaited  Brahmotsavam commence from tomorrow.

Hyderabad: Assembly sessions commence from today. Let us all pray and home that creative people benefit issues would be discussed than mudslinging by all concerned, in this session.

India vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup 2012 in second warm up match: Yes the match that shall have the fans of both nation on the edges is on the anvil. Keep watching our sports column for a ringside opinion of this match.

National: Fdi Retail takes centre-stage for oppositions protest. An all-party bandh is called most parties other then Congress, on September 20, opposing the proposal.


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