Nandamuri family declares war on Chandrababu

April 08, 2011 11:17
Nandamuri family declares war on Chandrababu

All is not well in the TDP led by the shrewd politician Nara Chandrababu Naidu who thinks that his political acumen is on a higher platform and no body equals him in strategies.

babu-and-harikrishnaChandrababu Naidu, who has brought together the family members of late NTR and developed the rapport, love and affection between them and the Tollywood hero Jr. NTR through his efforts over a period of time, is now biting the dust as the entire Nandamuri family has almost declared an open war against Chandrababu who the family thinks has been promoting his son Lokesh in politics and in the TDP.

Hari Krishna, who is strongly obsessed with a feeling that he and his family members are being consistently neglected by Chandrababu in a political party founded by his late father and the legendary actor NTR, has reportedly decided to settle the scores with the TDP president.

Chandrababu sent Hari Krishna to the Rajya Sabha and on the recommendation of Jr. NTR, he also gave party ticket to Vallabhaneni Vamsi in Vijayawada in the last elections. The TDP president thinks that he has done a lot to the Nandamuri family members by doing these two things and by bringing Jr. NTR close to the family.

Hari Krishna, however, thinks that it was not enough for the family of late NTR who founded the TDP. After Jr. NTR had become very close to the family members, Hari Krishna had decided to promote him in TDP politics. For this, he must first question the authority of Chandra Babu. The TDP chief’s authority must be eroded as far as possible.


Hari Krishna doesn’t like Babu promoting Lokesh


Hari Krishna, who was waiting for an opportunity to strike at Chandra Babu, has timed excellently when the latter was holidaying in Singapore along with family.

TDP Krishna district president Devineni Uma has cancelled a pre-scheduled party meeting in Vijayawada during a recent tour of the district by Hari Krishna. Uma did not inform Hari Krishna about the cancellation.

An angered Hari Krishna, who felt he was humiliated by the right hand man of Chandra Babu, asked his staunch followers in the party Nani and Vamsi to attack Uma for his action.

The rest is history. The criticism by Nani and Vamsi had forced Uma to resign his party post and Hari Krishna felt happy he scored the first victory against Babu. Now, the news is out that Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna and Jr. NTR, with the tacit approval of Union Minister Purandhareswari, encouraged Vamsi and Nani to speak against Uma.

Moreover, it is also learnt that Jr. NTR did not even receive the phone calls of Chandra Babu when the latter called up from Singapore to know what happened exactly between Uma and Vamsi in his absence in the state.

It is now learnt that the Nandamuri family is out to settle scores with Babu taking things to a logical conclusion.

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