Kajol's cousin in movies

Jun 20 ,2012 15:03 PM
Kajol's cousin in movies

Relatives and cousins of top Bollywood actresses making it to the big screen is nothing new. After Parineeti Chopra, it's Ankeeta Mukherji (the cousin of Kajol), who is going to enter Bollywood. Ankeeta Mukherji was born and brought up in America. She said her mother was American and her uncle married Kajol's aunt and that's how they became relatives.

Currenty, Ankeeta Mukherji is doing a Bengali film. She would soon appear in Hindi films. Talking about the reactions from her family, she said her family was not against her will to appear on big screen, but she said thaey insisted her not to go for item numbers. Do you really think a film star has a choice? A rhetorical question!

(AW Phani)

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