Esha Lucky for Suneil?

Mar 02 ,2012 12:42 PM
Esha Lucky for Suneil?

Looks like, more than all these years of success, particularly this is has given a new found star dome and path to Comedian turned Hero Suneil. His latest release ‘PoolaRangadu’ success, Suneil’s performance, his dance and his well toned Six pack body has given a new phase for him.

The actor, apart from doing his set of comedy roles, is also concentrating on his set of Hro roles as well. After bagging super success with his ‘Poolarangadu’, Suneil has signed another flick as a Hero. This movie is a remake of Hindi flick ‘Tanu weds Manu’ that wooed the audience. And this Siva Prasad’s directorial, remake flick wouls star EeshaChawla opposite Suneil.

We all are aware that EeshaChawla, paired opposite Suneil in ‘PoolaRangadu’. Any specific reason for her being paired with Suneil, immediately? ‘No’, says Suneil, ‘it is just that she is an amazing actress and a dedicated professional. And more over, people are talking about my pairing with her being worth watching on " screen in ‘PoolaRangadu’. We also wanted a well known face to be casted in this flick. All these made me agree to work with EeshaChawla again’ said the Actor…

Titles like ‘Seeta weds Rama’ are in the consideration for this yet to start remake version.

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