See the Unseen!

December 27, 2011 11:51
See the Unseen!

We all are well educated, either working or taking the responsibility of house hold, and somehow or the other are exposed to the World. Day in and day out, be people close to us or those who we are meeting for the first time, we are able to see different mind sets each day. Some whom we like to be with and others who we look at avoiding as soon as possible. But, there would be times where we would be shocked to know, the people whom we have known and liked all these years, have entire different mind sets and totally different personalities that are known to us. And people whom we thought of to be negative, might turn out to be good… well, this is what life is. With full of surprises and lot of shocks.

Now, the challenge is how would you manage these unforeseen circumstances and get out of the trauma of feeling cheated? Though we know everything, it is not easy to actually face the situation, when that comes our way. What to do? does this mean we should not believe anybody around us? We should also inculcate the nature of acting like a double faced person, who talks something and has some other intention in his mind?

Necessarily not. You and I are not required to change our thought process or perspective towards life, just because we have faced a negative person or a situation. It is just that the way we handle each person should differ and it is always better for us to act wise, rather than trusting anyone blindly.

There is no hard and fast rule that a stranger would do harm to you and the people with whom you have been living and known for years together are for sure your well-wishers. Our life itself is uncertain, so forget our minds to be certain. Just don’t blame anyone whom you found to be bad. Instead blame the situation that made them act like this, try to sort out the same. taking rude decisions of not speaking to them, making their reality come out in public, would definitely make them live in a shame, but what do you get by doing all these, rather than making you and the person who has done harm to you, similar? So, be wise enough to just let the person know their mistake, just be formal with them here after and you be the way you were. Let not this, for that matter any incident or person affect your peace of mind.

Thankfully, our relationships are based on one factor, ‘Trust’. But, at the same time, there are all the chances of the same ‘Trust’ that we have put on our loved ones or friends would be broke by them. But, all these are just the part and parcel of life. Every phase of life has to pass to the other at some point of time or the other. So, just take this as that phase and wait for the clouds to pass. And moving further, do not forget to remember all the past of yours as an experience that can make your future better.

This would be routine to say, but has a point though. Be it a joy, happiness or a betrayal or a disguise, let go off the things. Not reacting too much for any situation and keeping a control over your mind, would change your life for better and make you strong enough to face any kind of situation or people!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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