Celebrating Rain..celebrating your Beauty!

April 23, 2012 13:38
Celebrating Rain..celebrating your Beauty!

We are celebrating the weather out there, so celebrate it more with a perfect make up on this perfect day, that would make you look 'rightly' beautiful;

Switch to an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. That "anti-frizz" label you see on hair-care products isn't just a marketing ploy to get you to buy them. These really combat frizz and keep hair smooth and manageable.

Most work by locking moisture in our hair to prevent dryness, and stops more moisture from seeping in to keep hair from looking limp. Another way to fight frizz is to apply an anti-frizz serum on your hair and misting it with a layer of hairspray. This ensures hair stays neat and shiny.

Use a makeup base or primer. A lot of women skip this step, but I can never do without it. I've discovered that the right kind of base or primer will keep your makeup in place no matter the weather condition. These come in spray, foam or cream, which shouldn’t matter because most brands I’ve tried help makeup glide on smoother and keeps longer without streaking.

Wear the smallest amount of makeup possible if you are planning to go outdoors on rainy days. But if you have to wear eyeshadow, pat on some concealer to make the powder adhere to your lids.

Don’t forget to use waterproof mascara to prevent unsightly raccoon eyes. For blush, a cream or liquid formula is best, as long as you apply it before setting your foundation with powder. A slight swipe of powder will make the color refuse to budge, resulting in streaky cheeks.

However, Carlos warned that waterproof makeup should not be used on a regular basis.

Never use waterproof makeup every day,?he said. ?At the most, you should use it twice a week because prolonged use of waterproof makeup can darken your skin, especially delicate areas like your lips.?

For instance, waterproof mascara can make your lashes brittle and silicone can dry out your skin, so always moisturize properly and remove all traces of makeup afterwards.

Also, disregard makeup when you don't really need it. While it sounds like common sense to avoid using makeup in places such as the beach or while doing water sports, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who insist on using mascara, concealer and blush when they know they are going to get drenched anyway.

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