Allu Arjun’s next movie to cost Rs.50 Cr

Feb 26 ,2011 16:15 PM

alluarjunTollywood stylish star and bridegroom Allu Arjun’s next movie will have a budget of Rs.50 Cr. it is learnt.

The abnormally high budget movie, to be made in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam simultaneously, will have a historical story and Arjun has already given his commitment to work on this project.  The makers of this movie have not yet decided on its title but are making arrangements to begin the shooting after the release of Arjun’s present movie ‘Badrinath,’.

The film will be directed by Selva Raghavan who directed ‘Aaduvari Matalaku Ardhale verule’ which featured Venkatesh and Trisha in the leading roles. The news is that the movie will be full of graphics that would enthrall the audiences.

The news, however, has not come as music to the ears of some bigwigs in the industry. Some say that Allu Arjun’s movie ‘Badrinath’ has a high budget of Rs.40 Cr and this movie is yet to be released. “We don’t know how Badrinath will fare and its budget is Rs.40 Cr. The market has no potential to bring good profits to such high budget movies,” is the talk of the Tollywood.

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