Sonia in US for cancer treatment

Feb 28 ,2012 15:10 PM
Sonia in US for cancer treatment

Congress party president Sonia Gandhi left for a foreign country for medical treatment of an undeclared ailment.

Party general secretary Janardhan Dwivedi told newspersons in Delhi today Sonia will be back in Delhi in four or five days. Mr Dwivedi however didn’t disclose the details of her departure and the city and hospital where she is being treated.

Sonia underwent treatment in a New York hospital some months ago for an undeclared ailment but reports said she was treated for cancer by the world famous cancer specialist Dr Nori Dattateryudu, a Telugu NRI doctor.

Unconfirmed reports said she must have gone to the US for undergoing another phase of treatment for cancer ailment. Congress party neither confirmed nor denied the news reports of her being treated for cancer till now. (JUBS)

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