Balayya: I will contest for assembly

Jan 18 ,2012 19:51 PM
Balayya: I will contest for assembly

Tollywood hero Balakrishna announced he would contest for the assembly in the next elections on TDP ticket.

Speaking to media persons after paying tributes to his late father and the legendary actor NTR at the NTR Ghat in Hyderabad on the occasion of 16th death anniversary, Balakrishna said the entire Nandamuri family would try to bring the TDP into power in the next elections.

“My father introduced several reforms for the betterment and welfare of the poor people and had attained a permanent place in their hearts,” said Balakrishna.

Asked whether they would invite the Union Minister Purandhareswari into the TDP, Balakrishna replied in the negative. “If she comes back to the TDP on her own, we will welcome her happily but we will not invite her to join our party,” he made it clear.

Reiterating his commitment to work as a party worker under the leadership of party president Chandrababu Naidu, the actor said his main aim is to ensure the victory of TDP in the next elections.

Balakrishna also refused to react to the comments of mega star Chiranjeevi that he had the mentality of a small child. “I don’t want to comment on his remarks,” said Nandamuri scion. (JUBS)

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