Institutes boast about packages

May 02, 2012 18:03
Institutes boast about packages

Literary education is of no value if it's not able to build up a sound character -M.K. Gandhi.

With everyone aiming at white collar jobs, the ultimate aim of education (which was once to build up strong character) has been changed over the years and today the aim of literary education is just 'packages.' Blame the increasing prices or the conventional necessities, people are in a rat race to clinch the better packages.

Meet anyone, the first line you expect from them is—what's your package? Whereas people earlier used to enquire the qualifications. It’s no irony to mention that there are even individuals who ask about income prospects after completing post graduation in social work.

Probably, that's the reason why the prestigious institutes, which earlier used to tell that the particular personality hails from their college, are now talking about the highest package offered to their candidate.

Not to forget Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) when we talk of packages. Just like every year, IIM has all reasons to boast about this year too.

A spokesperson from IIM-Indore has said that an advisory firm based in Singapore has offered Rs. 53 lakh annual package to IIM-Indore student. He has also said that another leading bank in Europe offered Rs. 32 lakh to another student. The highest package offered to IIM Indore last year was Rs. 32 lakh Out of  43 students who pursued IIM’s two-year Post Graduate Programme (PGP), 434 have been placed in top companies across the globe.

Just like how things change, let us hope that the current education scenario changes and the let us wish that institutes talk less of packages and more about what their candidates contributed to the country. (Phani)

(note: issued in the interest of the public)

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