Live Barbie, fanatic woman spends fancy amount on cosmetic surgery

March 17, 2012 10:37
Live Barbie, fanatic woman spends fancy amount on cosmetic surgery

In a stunning revelation a woman  was so much obsessed by the fashion doll character Barbie that she went under the knife to restructure herself on the same lines.

To what extent can a (Wo)man go to satisfy her fanatics is evident from a weird desire of a woman, who wanted to look like the Barbie doll, at 24 years of age. The woman in discussion is Charlotte Hothman, who suddenly hogged the lime light with her latest cosmetic surgery to look alike the Barbie doll, a girl’s passionate companion. The woman dared the horrendous task of going under the knife, in spite of looking gorgeous, even before the surgery.  And do you know how much she spent on the surgery for the plastic looks, a whopping $20K bill. Anything to appease your ego and desire!!!

In fact the woman started living in the character and even dyed her hair to the blonde color like the doll, a true depiction.  After the surgery the woman went to make a designer wardrobe just like the one the doll possesses. And now she is thoroughly a Barbie woman. No matter what her detractors feel, Charlotte was the happiest of all, in spite of two weeks of pain and bandages.

"What girl doesn't want to be like Barbie?" says Charlotte. Charlotte adds that she hopes to find a Ken of her own after breaking up with her last boyfriend over her fixation with Barbies.

Barbie doll is the fashion doll manufactured by the Mattel Inc, an American toy-company. This doll is a rage among girls of all ages across the globe. Ruth Handler originally created the doll in 1959, after being inspired by a German doll named as Bild Lilli. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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