British dog gets 10,000 pounds cosmetic surgery

March 07, 2012 02:14
British dog gets 10,000 pounds cosmetic surgery

In UK a dog owner has spent around 10,000 pounds on cosmetic surgery for his pet dog in treating too much of skin over eyes and face and transform him from a "grumpy old man."As the surgeons taken out folds of skin to allow him to see more excellent.

As the owner said, after three operations and 39 stitches a five-year-old Junior has been transformed who carries a extraordinary similarity to cartoon dog Droopy.

Junior, who has just added a tummy tuck to last year's facelift, has run up a surgeon's bill totalling more than 10,000 pounds in just two years, Daily Mail reported.

The dog suffers from a rare condition which causes excess skin to develop.The folds last year came close to blinding him, forcing his owner to opt for surgery.

Now, his owners Denise and David Smart from Selby, North Yorkshire have had to put Junior back under the knife to remove excess flaps which were dangling around his belly and stopping him from running.

Junior's facelift in 2010 cost 1,200 pounds, while the latest surgery, a tummy tuck cost 1,500 pounds. Further surgery and vet bills come to 6,000 pounds while medication tops 1,000 pounds, the report said.

But his owners say they had no reservations about getting surgery for their pet. "He must have felt awful for so long. He's like a child to us. It's taken years off him and he does look like a young man again," Denise said.

"Before the operation he was fed up and looked like a grumpy old man. Now he's more mobile and he's got a new lease of life."

After having two benign tumours removed his chest area, the skin on Junior's belly began to droop and became infected. He was taken to the vet at the start of the year and has since has three operations and 39 stitches to give him a taut belly, the report said.

When problems with Junior's sight first became apparent, the couple made repeated visits to the vet looking for a solution.

Initially vet has removed the eyelash of Junior's and his condition seems to be not improved and he started agonizing from a complication called entropion which could have lead to Junior forever losing his sight.

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