Dirty Picture TV premier stalled

Apr 23 ,2012 15:25 PM
Dirty Picture TV premier stalled

Bollywood movie that bagged three national awards, Dirty Picture was stopped from telecasting on Sony TV by the government labeling it as an adult content movie besides asking the channel to telecast the movie only after 11 PM.

Many people who were eagerly waiting to watch the movie on small screens were disappointed after Sony TV scrolled that the movie Dirty Picture was not going to be telecast and the inconvenience caused was deeply regretted. Dirty Picture was scheduled for telecast on Sony TV at 8 PM on Sunday.

It may be noted that the Sony Television purchased the rights from Ekta Kapoor after shelling out crores of rupees for telecasting on the small screen. The channel agreed to telecast it after 59 cuts that lasted for minutes. Also, the CBFC gave it a U/A certificate even after so many censor cuts. It may be noted that Dirty Picture was based on real life incidents of late actress in South Indian film industry, Silk Smita.

The entire Bollywood was upset over this issue. Tushshar Kapoor has said that it was unfortunate that the government stopped the picture that won national awards. Even Ekta Kapoor called the sudden stalling as the dirty picture of the country.  Karan Johar has termed it as hypocricy.

All in all, the social networking site Twitter was filled with comments not only from film personalities but even by the disappointed people.  (Phani)

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