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    Maheshbabu into IPL 13 July 2015

    It seems Ram Charan, who recently launched Trujet, the domestic plane, influenced other big stars in Tollywood to launch a business other than cinema and now it is our super star Prince Mahesh’s turn to get into the fresh business...

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    Telugu Movie show times, Latest Movie reviews in Telugu, baahubali roars, Telugu movie reviews

    Baahubali roars 08 July 2015

    Baahubali, Baahubali, Baahubali. Except this, currently, there is no other thing that is exciting the cinema lovers in the dual Telugu states. In that sense, it is not only in the Telugu states, but also across the world.  Starting from...

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    Telugu Movie show times, Telugu cinema news, that is not my kind of film rajamouli, Telugu movie reviews

    That is not my kind of film - Rajamouli 09 July 2015

    Rajamouli says that, he is against of punch dialogues in his movies, “I concentrate on more of visuals than the dialogues in my movies”, he said.Regarding the promotional activities of the film, Rajamouli and team are continuously involved in various...

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    Telugu Movie show times, telugu movie reviews, pawan producer charan actor, Telugu movie reviews

    Pawan producer, Charan actor 10 July 2015

    Yes, it is true. Ram Charan officially declares that Pawan would be his next film producer, which is going to be launched in 2016.Ram Charan had participated in a press meeting regarding the announcement of his flight, Trujet launch. Speaking...

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    Baahubali, Telugu Movies Updates, buy chicken get baahubali ticket free, Telugu movie reviews

    Buy chicken, get Baahubali ticket free 09 July 2015

    Yes, what all the guesses you made after watching the title are absolutely true. This Baahubali bumper offer proposal is made by a chicken shop owner in Nellore.Earning a single Baahubali ticket has become one such tough task these days. Regarding...

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    Telugu Movies Updates, Telugu Movie show times, balayya s master plan behind supporting baahubali, Telugu movie reviews

    Balayya’s master plan behind supporting Baahubali 11 July 2015

    Baahubali, the one movie that is universally applauded by everyone in the film industry, irrespective of how big they are.Even the top celebrities and many young heroes came forward and said that a success like Baahubali is very much important...

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    Latest Movie reviews in Telugu, Telugu Movie show times, rajini fans against baahubali, Telugu movie reviews

    Rajini fans against Baahubali 11 July 2015

    Yes, this might be true, Rajini fans might be against Baahubali, as the film had already crossed Rajinikanth movie Linga’s first day record. Generally, Rajinikanth is known for his stupendous star power, and with that range of star value, his...

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    Telugu cinema news, Telugu cinema news, baahubali benefit shows all the way, Telugu movie reviews

    Baahubali benefit shows all the way 08 July 2015

    Baahubali. The only topic of any cinema lover right now, irrespective of whose fans they are. The reason behind this is, the confidence on Rajamouli, who is already proven as the king in dealing the periodic subjects.As known, the film...

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    Telugu Actress Photos, Latest Movie reviews in Telugu, anchor prashanthi as a lesbian, Telugu movie reviews

    Anchor Prashanthi as a lesbian 08 July 2015

    Prashanthi, a well known Telugu TV anchor is currently working for a movie in which she is playing a lesbian role. Revealing the plot of the film, the movie makers have released a few of the posters, in which two...

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    Ram Charan launches Trujet, Telugu cinema reviews, ram charan launches trujet this week, Telugu movie reviews

    Ram Charan launches ‘Trujet’ this week 10 July 2015

    Ram Charan, the popular film actor is officially stepping into the business field. Regarding this, he is about to launch his new flight in the name of Trujet. The services of Trujet would come into the implementation from July 12th....

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    Telugu Movie show times, Telugu Movies Updates, highlights of baahubali, Telugu movie reviews

    Highlights of Baahubali 09 July 2015

    The wait is over, just a few hours left to watch the visual treat Baahubali on the screen. Rajamouli's magnum opus Baahubali is scheduled for a grand release across the world in 4000 screens this Friday, in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi...

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    Baahubali records, Telugu cinema news, baahubali collections report, Telugu movie reviews

    Baahubali collections report 15 July 2015

    Time to say, the Telugu film industry before and after Baahubali. The record collections of the film is blowing the minds of trade analysts.As of now, the film had already collecting Rs 47 crores in the first four days and...

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    Telugu cinema news, telugu cinema tickets, rgv tweets on baahubali, Telugu movie reviews

    RGV tweets on Baahubali 11 July 2015

    As expected, our very own favourite criticizer RGV had finally reacted towards Baahubali and slashed all other star heroes of Tollywood. RGV opinions through the tweets? What all RGV opined was the subject is bigger than a star in the...

    Keywords: Baahubali collections, Theater List, Tollywood, Telugu cinema news

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    Telugu Movies Updates, Theater List, rgv s killing veerappan trailer talk, Telugu movie reviews

    RGV’s ‘Killing Veerappan” trailer talk 13 July 2015

    Veerappan, the red sandalwood smuggler and the one man, who was taken as a challenge by the country police, and could even threaten even them and finally after a vigorous hunt of 20 years, he was killed. Taking his life...

    Keywords: Shiva Raj Kumar in Killing Veerappan, Telugu cinema news, Latest Movie reviews in Telugu, Latest Movie reviews in Telugu

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    Baahubali crosses Attharintiki Daredi, Telugu Movie show times, rajamouli counter attack on pawan, Telugu movie reviews

    Rajamouli counter attack on Pawan 14 July 2015

    Baahubali, the biggest film is keeping up its tag called ‘big’ in terms of the records too. As per the information, currently Baahubali already crossed the till date industry record holder, Attharintiki Daredi and is heading forward.In the beginning due to...

    Keywords: Bahubali records, Baahubali crosses Attharintiki Daredi, Theater List, Box office collections

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    Rajinkanth Robo 2, Tollywood, another bollywood hottie opposite rajini, Telugu movie reviews

    Another Bollywood hottie opposite Rajini 13 July 2015

    Till date Aishwarya Rai, Manisha Koirala, Deepika Padukone and Sonakshi Sinha are the Bollywood beauties, who had grabbed the chance as a female lead, opposite Rajinikanth and now it is the turn of Katrina to test her luck.Rajini and Shankar...

    Keywords: Robo 2, telugu movie reviews, telugu cinema tickets, telugu cinema tickets

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    Telugu Actress Photos, Telugu Movie HQ Photos, sonia agarwal nude video leaked, Telugu movie reviews

    Sonia Agarwal nude video leaked! 09 July 2015

    Sonia Agarwal. The bubbly girl, who grabbed the guys' attention with her Tamil cum Telugu flick 7G Brundavan Colony, had to face the nude video leakage, which has now become very viral on all the social networking sites. According to the...

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    Maheshbabu, Tollywood, no such mahesh film is a hit, Telugu movie reviews

    No such Mahesh film is a hit! 15 July 2015

    Mahesh Babu, the choice of one out of every three girls. His royal looks and stunning skin tone is not less to any Hollywood hero. When he gets ready in stylish wear, people go crazy for him, but it seems...

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    telugu cinema tickets, Telugu Movie HQ Photos, baahubali all over, Telugu movie reviews

    Baahubali all over 10 July 2015

    Baahubali, the pride of Indian cinema is no longer just an Indian cinema, but a world class cinema.As expected, the movie is creating wonders and the audience is thoroughly carried away by the hugeness in the film. The snow scenes,...

    Keywords: Telugu Movie show times, Telugu Movie HQ Photos, Baahubali crowd, Telugu cinema news

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    Rajamouli cameo in Baahubali, Telugu Movie HQ Photos, a star cameo in baahubali, Telugu movie reviews

    A star cameo in Baahubali 10 July 2015

    A cameo appearance is what makes the fans go wild in the theater and blow off the roofs with the whistles and shouts. It acts as a major plus to any star film. If a star film is that benefitted...

    Keywords: Telugu Movies Updates, Theater List, Rajamouli special role in Baahubali, Rajamouli special appearance in Baahubali

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